Should I sell my Carly?

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  1. Ok so I ran across a Khaki/Chambray Large Carly on eBay for $400. No bids yet, 3 days left.

    I'm thinking since I really love the color. I can sell my Carly in time to be able to bid on that one.

    Problem is I paid less for it than that one so I'd have to put money towards it.

    But I really love the color!

    Pros and cons! Help!

    The color probably would match everything like the saddle does, though.

    I asked the seller if she wanted to trade LOL. But nope she's looking for a smaller bag....

    What do you think???

  2. 3 days left is a ton of time in terms of ebay. Just watch the auction and see where it goes.
  3. I understand your pain. I have a brand new black leather lg carly. Listed it on ebay, but reserve wasn't met. I might relist. I so wanted to love this bag as everyone raves about it. was just too big for me. I'm going to the outlet this weekend to pick up a hippie legacy & need the $$$, too!
  4. The chambray is so pretty. I agree, just watch the auction, since the starting is high, it may not get a lot of bids.
  5. Well I need to sell mine first in order to bid on that one!

    But then I will hate myself if it sells to someone else and I have no Carlys...

    I could always just use the money from the Carly I sold and get one at Coach. But it was sooo hard to find!

    Yeah I'll watch it and if it's low enough I might bid and if I win I'll just sell mine after. I just don't want to end up with no Carlys!

  6. OOPS I meant WOULDN'T match everything like the saddle color.
  7. Well, you don't want to be Carly-less. Do you love the saddle? Or is it just that you love the chambray more?
  8. I don't know! I love the boldness of the blue! But I like the saddle too.

    I think the saddle will go more with everything.

    But I like how the cambray is rare...
  9. I think the khaki/saddle is perfect. Looks great, goes with just about everything. I would keep it.
  10. i have the chambray carly- it's a surprisingly versatile color. i think you should go for the chambray one. :yes:
  11. I know! how about if you keep your Carly and think about another Coach bag with the blue color trim....for instance the signature stripe tote with blue trim is super cute. Thats what Im doing. Just thought I'd run it past ya.
  12. But I really like the Carly shape! Oh IDK. I do like the totes. I like the punch one though! I really want a punch demi!

    IDK I will probably end up keeping it. My boyfriend would probably yell at me if I decided to sell it. I made a big fuss about getting the first one and he had to hear me complaining that NO Macys I called had any!

    Then when I got it off eBay he was worried I bought a fake! Even though someone told me it was real on here!

    Yeah screw it I'll keep it. I got it at a deal anyways.

    Maybe I'll get that one too! Haha. He'll love that!
  13. Glad you decided. I honestely love your Carly much better lol!
  14. I like yours better. I really don't think that blue cooridinates well with the rest of the bag.
  15. I saw that one last night on Ebay!

    Pretty color!