Should I sell my brand spankin' new Grey Purse for a Work?

  1. I knew this would happen and it finally hit me today...I have many smaller "handbag" size bags and I have always wanted a Work, but have never really had that much cash to spare and don't really like selling my TDF bags to afford another. Well, I have a golden opportunity to buy a Work in a TDF colour. I have just bought an 06 Grey Purse from Cult Status. I saw the colour and HAD to have it. It cost me a fortune (AUD1750 with taxes) and I haven't even used her yet :crybaby: Do you think I should sell my TDF Purse for a Work? I really do need a bigger bag and only the Work can do that for me...
  2. I would keep the purse and then save up for a work. You might reget giving up the purse b/c it is discontinued.
  3. I don't think you should give up your beautiful purse.
  4. Awww, Thanks CC & vbskull...I have been thinking about this dilemma all day. If I don't decide soon I may regret it. I have felt a bit unsettled with my collection because I don't have a Work style. I have also been thinking about which one I would sell to afford the Work. I think the Grey Purse will have to go because the colour of the Work I am looking at is in the same colour pallate...what a dilemma!!!
  5. DO NOT sell your lovely Purse... but if you do want to sell... let me know ehehehe

    Seriously though, I wouldnt sell it, I'd do as VB said and save for the work!
  6. i was having the same dilemma with my purse and thought of getting a weekender.
    i have used my purse for over a year a lot, but i began not wearing it because it's getting too small for me.
    i then decided to get rid of my eggplant purse which is sooo gorgeous and TDF leather for a weekender

    and guess what, although i missed it, i began to really use the weekender, and never regretted my decision!
    miseed the purse? yeah, sure...
    regretted it for an exchange of the WE? hell no.... LOL
  7. I just got my first work and I am LOVING it. The Purse wasn't a good style for me. If you think you can use the Purse then keep it, I'm sure it's TDF and save for the larger or try and sell something else and make up for the $$$ and buy that too
  8. I know how you feel. I want a Work SO BAD I can taste it!:roflmfao: But I would not sell your Purse since it is discountinued now and it will be hard to find another one and a Work will be around for a long time. But at the same time if you will not use the Purse than get something you will use. Let us know what you decide!
  9. Maybe bet the Work but make sure you really love the color and style before selling the Purse. It can be really hard to tell until you see a bag in person and try it out.
  10. Your purse like that cant be replaced so I think keep her and save like crazy for a work... you can always cut back on a few other things im sure to get there quicker!
  11. I love the Grey purse I will say its a keeper.
  12. I say you should get rid of the Purse if you don't love it. Just cuz it's discontinued & eventually going to be rare doesn't mean you have to keep it.
  13. I think I have to see a picture of the Grey Purse before I make my final decision. :yes:
  14. For me, i would sell the purse and save for the fact, i ever sold my bordeaux work/office bag and now wanted to go for a larger bag (which is weekender).........:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. I would sell the purse and get the work. Seems like you
    need a bigger bag. I personally like the work style better.