Should I sell my boy to fund a reissue?

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  1. I’ve never really been a fan of the reissue until a few months ago when I tried on the small size in a boutique. Up until this point I’ve only really loved the classic flaps and now it’s all I can think about!

    I have an old medium boy in black caviar with ruthenium hardware I have been on and off thinking about selling since, and while I really did love the boy bag when I was hunting for my dream combo I feel like I’ve fallen out of love with it since I’ve had it (about a year and a half). Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful bag and if I had all the funds in the world I would 100% keep it in my collection. But the more I wear it I’m finding it to be too boxy and bulky on my frame, and a bit too boy-ish :hrmm: (I’m 165cm and on the average/petite side for reference), so the small reissue sits perfectly on me without bulging too far out. Also I’m finding the chunky/leather chain strap on the boy a bit cumbersome to adjust when I’m out using it, I don’t know why (I originally bought the bag because I loved how different this was to the classic flaps).

    The reissue I am thinking of purchasing is also black with ruthenium hardware, so I’m not sure if I need both. But with a mini reissue coming soon to my small collection and my M/L classic flap and mini rectangular, should I keep the boy for some variety? :huh: Or save up for the small reissue? :angel:

    Thanks for reading! Xx
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  2. I personally would keep the boy for variety!
    I love that i have different bag styles..
    but hey do whatever makes you happy :hbeat:
  3. While I don’t have either of these bags, I can understand where you are coming from as I have long wished for a boy bag but I found I kept delaying (and bought other Chanel and non-chanel bags first). However, as more time passes, I too am becoming more attracted to the reissue as it looks more carefree, classy yet simple and can be dressy and casual. The boy I like because it’s edgy but I think the pointy corners and edges as well as the chunky strap make me find other bags I love more. I say go for the reissue! I too am seriously considering the reissue mini (if I can even find one)! Good luck deciding!
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  4. Since you’re already getting the Mini Reissue... I think you can hold off selling the Boy just yet, It is after all a bag you once loved. And usually we are in... out and back in love again :biggrin:. Having the Classic flap, Boy and Reissue just makes your collection more wholesome. Should throw in a coco handle next time too :P
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  5. If you don’t love the bag and /or are not using it I don’t think you should keep it just for the “collection” or variety. Maybe try it out for another few months and see how you feel.
    I sold a reissue for a boy haha! I love my boy. I love the reissue too but my particular one didn’t work out and I knew when every time I took it out I felt doubtful and “should I sell it” keep coming in my mind instead of a happy, joyful feeling!
  6. I have a black reissue 225 RHW and a black boy old medium GHW, I love both! I use my reissue more but I feel like the boy offers such a nice variety to my wardrobe, which is also the reason I haven't sold it. I'm 5"4 and and quite average/petite side as well, I actually really like the boxiness of the boy when slung in the back crossbody. I've definitely fell out of love with a bag in the past then later fell in love with it all over again-- I must have had good reason to fall in love with it in the first place! In the case of the boy, I actually like it more and more. The first month I had it, I was certain I would have to sell it because I didn't love it, but with more use, I'm loving it more. Now I'm glad I didn't sell. However, adjusting the chunky chain strap is also an issue I have when I'm out using the bag, haha! But otherwise I'm pretty happy with it.

    I would say though, I would find my reissue and my boy too similar if they were both black and RHW, because they're very similar vibes. If they both do the same job for you in your wardrobe, then I would just have one of them. With the mini reissue coming to your collection, I'd even consider getting the reissue next size up, I find that reissue 226 looks great on my frame and since we're similar frames, it may look great on you as well. That way the mini reissue and the bigger double flap reissue don't clash.
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