Should I sell my Bee demi??

  1. I have this bee demi and I want to sell it because I never use it.. it's just too small. It's cute though!!


    There are a ton of them on eBay and I know the ones with the high BIN's are not selling. should I even try?? Mine is slightly used, and most of these are NWT. I'm mad because I spent like 80 bucks on it over the summer at Marshalls. I need top stop impulse buying. :shame:

    I would just let it go, no reserve or BIN. What do you think??
  2. well if you don't use it then I would sell it.. but maybe wait a bit and see because with spring coming I would think prices and demand will be higher on a bag like that. Just my .02 :yes:
  3. ^^ i was going to say that is really cute tho!
  4. Totally off the wall here, but if you've used it and don't think you will recoup your money, is your daughter old enough to enjoy a 'big girl' purse? (Assuming the cuties in your avatar are your little cuties).

  5. I have used it and I know I will not get all the money back I spent on it. It's not damaged in anyway though so I was hoping to get some back. I don't think I could give it to my little girls... My oldest will be 3 in May.. and I have seen what she does to her disney princess purse and I shudder to think of fate of my coach in her hands.. she isn't ready :roflmfao:

    I do have a 15 y/o niece though.. I don't know if she likes little purses, she just carries a backpack to school, no purse.. and I think her and friends all like the signature print.