should I sell my bbag for a stam?

  1. I am seriously considering selling my 05 black city for a stam or gucci horsebit hobo, does anyone have either of these bags and how do they compare to the city as I have never seen either IRL. How heavy is the stam? Is it as heavy as the paddy? Please convince me of what to do! Does the stam look good in summer and does it look expensive IRL? Is the leather soft?:yes:
  2. If you're talking about the Gucci horsebit hobo like this one:


    That bag is REALLY heavy and uncomfortable on the shoulder. I had two friends who bought it and returned it because of the extreme discomfort.

    Personally, I'd keep the BBag. I think they're gorgeous, and much more versatile than the Stam. And yes, the Stam is very heavy! The chain makes it pretty heavy.

    JMO...but I'd keep the BBag.
  3. yes that is the Gucci bag! So you prefer bbags then?
  4. I would get the Stam because the Stam is much less copied and much more iconic, in my opinion, than either of those...but I am a HUGE Stam fan.

    PS: Love Story is my favorite movie of all time!!!!
  5. And mine too!
  6. I can't comment on the Gucci as I know nothing about it but I have both the City and the Stam and you really can't compare. They are totally different bags :yes:

    But if I could only have one then I would pick my Black Stam every time! I love it to bits and it has to be one of the most classic bags you will ever own. Also to answer your question, the Stam looks and feels very, very expensive :wtf:

    It is very heavy though - similar to a Paddington so if that is going to be an issue then stick with the lightweight and more versatile b-bag :heart:

    Sorry - not much help in the end was I! :p
  7. do the chains dig into your shoulder?
  8. I love MJ bags, but I ADORE the look of a black Bbag. I think it's so classic and chic and versatile.

    It really comes down to personal the ladies here said, the Stam is a beautiful bag that looks expensive, but it's heavy, and I wouldn't say it's a versatile or easy to carry as the Bbag.

    As far as the Gucci bag, it's beautiful, but REALLY heavy.

    If weight (of the bag) is an issue for you, stick with the Bbag. The Stam and the Gucci are very heavy. My MJ multipocket is VERY heavy. The Bbags are like air!

    Can you tell I want a Bbag?! :lol:
  9. Hmmm...that's a tough call.

    I think you should keep your city. The city is a pretty iconic bag and has been around for years. The Stam is really great, but it is significantly heavier than the city. Plus, it's tough wearing on your shoulder (as the handles aren't that long...unless you get one from Fall 2005) - esp. with the chain. I owned the Stam and had some problems with it (quality-wise) and had to return it. A couple of people here have also had problems with the kisslock not functioning properly.

    I don't have the Gucci, so I can't offer much about it...but I remember it being a HUGE deal because Jessica Simpson wore it on her show a lot. I just don't find that open top appealing - I prefer bags that close shut or zip.

    All three bags are pretty popular and have been copied a lot....but either way, I think you should keep the city as it is relatively light and durable.

    Let us know what you decide to do and good luck!!!
  10. Hmmm... if I personally had to choose - I would keep the black city.

    I like the way the Stam looks, but I wouldn't get one because it isn't really practical for my life right now, and its so heavy... I do REALLY like the Elise in Topaz and hope to have that sometime in my near future.... :girlsigh:
  11. I would keep what you have and save for the stam, unless you no longer love the b-bag. I love a Balenciaga city.
    I have the Gucci horsebit hobo in the smaller size (the one with the zipper) and it's not heavy at all. I really like carrying it.
  12. I've had the Stam for now maybe a month and it is heavy, yes, but very comfortable to wear on your shoulder (with the chain). It's very practical: pop it open, close it back. It's also very cute.
    Whether you should get one or not is really a matter of your personal preference. Are you sick of the bbag?

    I have both, and I use the city much more than my stam.
  14. Hi there! I have an 06 Black City and a Bronze Stam. I say keep the black City. While I am lovin my Stam right now, I do also love the Black City and think the size, the style and the lightness of the bag are pros to the stam. Both totally different looks, but I have to say the City is such a great was an ending search for me!
  15. I want both the Stam and the Balenciaga city. But My all time fav is the Balenciaga. If i was in your shoes, i would keep the Bal.