Should I sell my Bal bag for BIN offer?

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  1. I'm selling a Balenciaga first on ebay, and someone has offered me $700 including shipping and handling + insurance. I paid the full retail for it $995, and I've used it for about 10 times. Does this seem like a good deal?? I really want to get this bag sold since I have a baby on the way and all.

    Ladies, I really need your advice.. should I accept this offer or just continue listing my bag???? TIA.
  2. Have you looked at completed listings and seen what they sell for?
  3. Yes, none of them look like they are selling! :cursing: Except for the eggplant first for $799.00, but the rest listed at 995 or higher have not gotten any bids. But I'm not selling it at full price either...
  4. If you are happy with it then go for it but make sure you do the transaction through eBay
  5. Do you think I'd be losing too much money from it?
  6. It depends on the color; I would say $700 is a bit low.
  7. White, which I think everyone avoids because it gets dirty so easily.
  8. If you paid $995 and have used it and it's a slightly tricky colour then maybe $700 really isn't bad. I'd say that shipping etc. is on top though
  9. Its strictly a judgement call, but whatever you decide do NOT handle it off ebay. And take into consideration the listing fees, final value fees and PayPal fees. That will give you less money in the long run. Dont let anyone talk you into anything you dont want to do.
  10. I think it will also depend on its years and condition of the bag. $700 including s/h/i, then deduct your listing fee, final fee and PayPal fee, you probably will get less than $650.

    Someone also offered me a BIN in the past. I changed my listing but they never placed their bid. So you may need to put it under your consideration.
  11. ^^ ITA! :yes:
  12. Thanks Donna, I'll keep that in mind!:tup:
  13. Thank you, I didn't really consider those factors until you mentioned it. Those fees are a real bummer. :cursing:
  14. I have generally found these types of offers low. In the end you need to do what you are comfortable with. You have to determine whether you want to accept that or wait for more money. If you are listing at what the completed listing have been selling for or less it should sell.

    What is the buyer's feedback like? Do you feel comfortable with this buyer. It is is low or shakey do you want to possibly put yourself through the stress?

    You can also counter if that makes you feel better. I have done this before but not every buyer goes for it since many are trying for a deal.

    Last, make sure you sell it through Ebay rather than traking it off Ebay so you are still protected. I know the Ebay and Paypal fees would be high but it's better than being out the bag and the money if the buyer is a scammer.
  15. Try and negotiate a little more with the potential buyer. We all start off low with our offers to sellers. Figure out what your fees and costs would be. If you pay shipping its an easy $25.00 also (make sure you insure it and signature is required!). pm me if you need help.