Should I sell my bags and buy one Crocodile Birkin?

  1. I am really crazy:roflmfao: ! I might want to buy a crocodile 30 black shiny Birkin with silver hardware but only if I can sell my clemence Birkin 30 with silver, vintage croc 32 Kelly with gold, Drag 32 black with silver, raisin clemence Evelyn with silver, and whatever else. Do you think it's wise? I also have a 35cm cognac ostrich Birkin with palladium on order which I could cancel or keep. I don't know what to do. I love all the bags and am so confused. I was thinking of a white Bolide and a vert anis 30 Birkin and have posted Threads on those. Too many things are driving me :rant: totally mad!!

    Would I be able to use the croc Birkin everyday without my friends and relatives bothering me? It's a great size and it is beautiful!:love:
  2. I say only sell if you can live without those particular bags, and you cannot live without the croc birkin. I think a croc birkin is by far one of the most beautiful and unattainable bags out there, BUT it is IMO harder to wear everyday. I would save it for special occasions- but could not imagine carrying it to Hillers! LOL!

    Can you save your clemence birkin or another everyday bag, and use the crocodile birkin for lunches and going out???
  3. Hi Jag...I know it would be diffficult to wear the croc to Hillers! You are so funny! I don't know...I have the vintage croc Kelly to wear special unless I sell that. Maybe I just don't know what I want or want it all!! I'm going nuts with this Forum because now I want everything. West Bloomfield is not really the place to wear croc and I wish we lived in NYC or Chicago or Rome or Paris...
  4. imo, croc might not be an everyday bag. But if u really really love it and cannot live without it like what jag said, Gooooo for it!!!!
  5. Lovehermes- my absolute best advice is to just take some time to think about it before you do anything that you could regret. This forum is a fabulous resource, but it is VERY easy to get caught up in the moment and want to buy everything you see here. BUT DON'T!!! Seriously, I would be flat broke if I gave in everytime I saw a bag here that I felt I just had to have!

    Just take some time and see how you feel in a few days or even weeks. A croc birkin is a major investment and not something you should buy on a whim, especially if you are going to have to sell other beloved handbags to attain it. In time, if you still feel the same way, then go for it. And hell, for that type of investment, I just might wear that bag EVERYWHERE! Hillers, the movies, beau jacks, ANYWHERE- I don't think I could put her down (although I know I should keep her at home under lock and key :smile:
  6. lovehermes.....that's a beautiful bag! It would be really, really hard to turn that one down, that's for sure.....Can you keep one "basic" wear everyday bag, sell the rest and then buy the Croc? If you buy the croc, then I'd cancel the ostrich....oh my God what a decision....:flowers:
  7. I am also CRAZY about croc. Birkins!!! But please don't sell all of your treasures for one bag. Sell one or two if you really want to sell somthing. You need other bags for different purposes. Do you think you can use your EXPENSIVE croc. birkin to your grocery shopping, going to the gym, or running busy errands (which means you cannot really take good care of your bag since you are very busy)..etc? I know what you are going through...Because I am also debating selling my cyclamen vibrato birkin which I haven't had a chance to use it even once...I know it is very tough decision.
  8. Thanks Jag...I know I really get caught up in the moment and could easily go broke! I really don't use my croc vintage Kelly...only to Somerset twice and a wedding at Cranbrook three years ago. Since then it's sitting on my shelf. Maybe I just need a vacation to think about all of this some more...Thanks!! I love Beau Jacks! Love their chicken! Years ago I had two bags in Chicago and one here in Detroit. They were not Hermes bags and I was only 21 at the time so I am hesitant even with leather bags to go anywhere.
  9. OOOh, gosh, that's tough. I'm a little biased because I prefer croc Kellys to Birkins because croc is not as wearable and I think Birkins are more casual day bags. But if it's haunting you - you gotta do whatcha gotta do! :smile:

    Keep us posted!!!
  10. That is terrible (having your bags stolen)! Just take some time and see how you feel.

    PS-Maybe our Michigan girls outing should be at Beau Jacks??? Great cosmos and salads! HE he he he! Will PM you later!
  11. Thanks hermesBB, I think I need to think all of this over.
    shopmom, I can cancel the ostrich but not sure. Maybe I should just enjoy what I have instead of being greedy with confusing!
    aspenmartial...I use my Trim almost everyday and everything else sits.
    I am pretty much a down to earth person. Maybe sell your cyclamen birkin? When did you buy it?
  12. Greentea, if you think croc is not that wearable and a Birkin is a more casual bag then maybe you are right. A Kelly does look stately with croc! Thanks!
    Jag, yes Beau Jacks is delicious. It doesn't matter really love all the places you mentioned.
  13. I've been using my Trim for the last few days, too! I forgot how much I love it. It's a nice change from the Birkin...but I can't go too long without carrying that little pumpkin.

    Actually, I think that congnac ostrich Birkin you have on order is a keeper. I can only imagine how gorgeous that would be - and it's so durable!
  14. Sadly, I bought it less than two month ago. It is really NEW!!! AND I am thinking of selling sad... I never try to sell my Hermes before... I am scared of selling through e bay. I just want to recover what I spent at Hermes, not looking for making money since I am not a reseller..^^
  15. Don't get me wrong, there is definitely a time and place for croc!! BUT, croc hates even a drop or two of water and I think the classic form of the Kelly just really shows it off. :smile: