Should I sell my Azur Speedy? help!

  1. I love the speedy bag and have used my mono and blk epi 30's a bunch. I bought the Azur over the summer figuring I would use it as its a light colored bag but as the mono and epi are so versitle I never really used it. I keep thinking I should just sell it but then I think...."I can't let go of my baby". So weird as I have only used it a few times and haven't really looked at it in months....
  2. I think you should keep it, if you sell it now you there's a chace you will be getting less than what you paid for and what if you want it again in the future. I think the Azur line is gorgeous for spring. Also they tend to be sold out in the store.
  3. Keep it. I have LVs that I haven't used in years, then I remember I have them and I take them out and use them.
  4. I sold mine. I used it a few times, then it just sat in the closet.
  5. Keep it! It's a great bag for spring/summer and they are harder to find in the stores. Plus, you don't see yourself coming and going.....I don't see many in Vegas.
  6. keep it. its cute sp/summer bag.
  7. I say keep it! I'm so in love with mine even though I havent used it since the end of summer. Its just a beautiful bag!
  8. i love mine, but if you dont love it, sell it.
  9. I dont like the look of the azurs with darker patina so I think I'd be afraid to use it too...
  10. Keep it!
  11. I would sell it if I were you. They're going to be coming out with new styles next Spring, and you might like something different.
  12. If you're not using it, I would sell it too. Unless you are waiting on spring/ summer to use it. Something else that you love will come along..............
  13. If you love it and don't want to get rid of it, you might regret it BUT if you haven't used it for a long while and only then used it a couple of times maybe its better of being sold?
  14. I say sell it now if your thinking about it because as you let it sit,patina starts to developpe anyways soo if you sell it now when the vachetta is still can sell it for a better price....with the money,you could get a bag you would use more for the winter and such.
  15. i say keep it, my sister has one and i sometimes use it also, i think the color look fabulous! i'm pretty sure you will regret selling because LV prices are constantly increasing. if you regret later in the future you might have to pay a higher price to get it back.