Should I sell my 2005 Turquoise City?

  1. Hi everyone. Should I sell my 2005 Turquoise City that I just bought? I realize that I have too many bright b-bags in the city size and I would love a turquoise in the first......but i know the 2005 Turq city is hard to find.....:sad2:
  2. I would say hold on to it just a while longer. I felt that way about my apple first for a little while. But there is no way Im parting with it now. If say in a month or so, you are still feeling the same and you would really like another bag, I'd say sell it. Im sure it would go very quickly here. Good luck to ya!
  3. A bag sitting in the closet doesn't do you any good. Sell if you don't love it or can't use it anymore!
  4. Why not trade it? The turquoise colour is lovely though!
  5. I would see if someone would want to trade one for another. Or possibly buy the first before you sell yours off so that you can see them both & then you may have a better idea of which you would get the most use out of & then sell the other. Good luck on whatever you decide!
  6. :amazed: but.. but.. are you sure? The 05 turqoise is YUMMY, and soooo rare.... I :heart: it... I think you should keep it for a little bit more, or post it in Want To Trade for the first.
  7. I still love the turquoise 2005 color but i definitely want it in the first size :biggrin: so anyone has the first size to trade. i already posted it on ebay.
  8. if you are not going to use the bag anymore then you should sell it.....
  9. If you do sell it.. people will probably jump for it ! I would trade though, personally, just because that way you don't lose out on a bag and you can possibly get a bag that you enjoy even more.
  10. What's the ebay # ?
  11. Omg if you were thinking of selling it, I would DEFINITELY purchase it! AND I know someone who is selling her 05 turquoise first, if you are interested!!
  12. Damn. I was too slow! Congrats on your sale!!!
  13. Thank you! Yes, that bag is really pretty so I hope I will find my turquoise 2005 first soon!!! If not, I'm going to really regret this sale. :sad2:
  14. Teehee....someone got a new City!