Should I sell it?

  1. Heres the problem

    I already have a speedy 25 mono
    and about 2 days ago I bought a speedy 30 mono from an aquaintence, I bought it because I was getting a great deal I just couldnt pass up!

    I hate selling my LV, It's just so hard (im sure some of you get that feeling)
    even if I would have 2 of the same bag, it would still be hard to sell!

    Well I'm debating selling the speedy 30
    I love the size of my 25, and they are basicly the same thing

    So what should I do?
    Sell the 30 on eBay? Or keep it to add to my collection even though it wont get used often

  2. If you really don't think you will use it, then I would sell it... however, many ppl own both sizes and use them both.

    LOL.. I know, that's not much help! :push:
  3. i would sell it.
  4. I would sell it if I know I wouldn't use it.
  5. I would sell it buy something else. Say a speedy 25 in the Azur. I hope you're able to get more then you paid for it.
  6. Only sell it for a profit!!

    I'm sure you will use it eventually, maybe as a gym bag?? That would be fabulous!
  7. I would sell it........
  8. I would sell and buy something new.
  9. I would sell it if you are not going to use it.
  10. Sell it. It doesn't sound like you want it, so why keep it?!
  11. I agree with the others. :yes:

    I would definitely sell it because it sounds like you are not gonna even use it .... so why just have it lying around.

    You can use the funds you get from selling it for another LV bag or accesory that you will use.
  12. I sold my 25 when I got the 30. I just didn't use the 25 anymore!
  13. i have both too. i use both about the same. but if you dont think youll use yours, sell it. i cant sell my (LV) bags. i love them too much. lol
  14. Sell it and get one in damier!
  15. You should probably sell it..........however..........I have the 25 and wouldn't mind purchasing the 30 someday down the road and having both. So it wouldn't be a bad thing owning both bags. Up to you.