Should I sell it?

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  1. Problem: I was a bit hasty on my birthday earlier this month and bought medium black caviar flap at the Chanel store in SF. I moved four hours away from the Bay Area a few months ago so being near real shopping again was very exciting.
    In karmic retribution for my ill-advised purchase, a job offer unexpectedly fell through and in this area, jobs in my field are very hard to find. So now I'm stuck. Common sense says to sell the bag, especially since it is in pristine condition from hiding under the bed all month, so DH does not find out and have a stroke. But I'm really hesitant because what if prices go up before November and I cannot replace it?
    In what I am hoping is serendipity, I've found and applied for a job in the exact sub-field that I used to work in at home in the Bay Area. But most likely, I will end up selling the bag just to be on the safe side. This is very upsetting, particularly because it is my first Chanel. Dang.
  2. The prices are definitely going up, there is no question about that. I am quite a practical person. I would sell the bag if I had to. You can always get it later on when your finances are more comfortable. You may have to pay a little more, but it will give you piece of mind. Don't be too upset. It is only a bag (if we put things in perspective). (TPFers don't kill me!) Now on the other side, you deserve to own at least one "special" bag. But own it when you are comfortable to do so. I have always said that if I were in a money crunch, the first thing I would do is sell my bags, since the bag is usually worth more than what is inside of it.
  3. Do what is the best for you now. The bags will always be around in one form or another. Good luck on your decision.:smile:
  4. ^I could not agree more. Don't worry, the purse will be there for you when you are ready ;)
  5. Don't feel is a series of ups and downs...a cycle. Sell the bag and once your finances are more stable, Chanel will always be there for you. I wish you good luck on finding the job you want!
  6. Very well said, I couldn't agree more.
    Besides, a classic medium flap is again a classic. It will always be there. Yes, the price is going up in Nov, but when you land your new job you can always get it again.
  7. Everyone before me said it best. Sell it if you need to, sure prices will go up but so what. If you are out of work, it makes no sense to have to pay something off, who needs that stress? It's a classic style that will be available in the future.
  8. I honestly think you shoud sell the bag. You can always buy a classic Chanel bag when your finances are better. I think if you keep the bag you will always feel a little guilty.
  9. If it was a LE one, I would say, try and keep it if possible, but its a classic, its always going to be available, so if you really are worried at the moment, I would return it, and then get it as a gift to yourself again, when you secure your dream job :smile:
  10. I bought the WHITE CAVIER MED FLAP from eBay.
    The label price that my seller bought it was 1495$. ( i think she bought it long time ago)

    I bidded it for 1725$......but still love it because I coun't buy it from anywhere else ( it was 100% new label still on)

    I tried to tell you that you can sell it in the good price,then buy the new one later on, don't worry about it.

    Maybe you will get the new one that is prettier too ;)
  11. I agree with everyone else. Return it now and buy it again later. $400 (if that's the price increase) is a lot but not if you consider # of wears! $400 is cents a day if you use it often and keep it forever!
  12. Remember that prices are always going to go up. But hopefully your worth will go up too. Your time is not worth stressing out over a handbag. Sell it and wait until you can celebrate over it. The classic will always be there waiting for you.
  13. Ease the worry now - sell the bag and know there will always be another moment. I promise!
  14. Since it's a classic, I think you should sell it now and you can always get it again later when you're in a better financial situation and can better enjoy the bag.