Should I Sell It Or Keep It???

  1. I bought my rouge h sellier kelly 35cm 3 yrs ago, and I never use it :push: It's a very nice color and very elegant bag, but I think it's too big for me and very formal look:sad: I took it out today ,and took some pix , I need u ladies help me to see if it too big for me ;) or anything go better with this bag?? Or should I sell it:shame: thx for ur kindly help:idea:
    IMG_2074.jpg IMG_2075.jpg IMG_2076.jpg IMG_2077.jpg
  2. It looks very nice on you but if you haven't used it in three years, I'd say sell it and get something else in it's place that you will use.

    And, OMG!!! Your closet is :drool: :drool: :drool: !!!
  3. And compare with my 35cm birkin, they are the same size, but I think it looks not so big:confused1:
    IMG_2081.jpg IMG_2082.jpg IMG_2078.jpg
  4. Thx Irene:heart: ,don't you think it's too big for me????
  5. Honestly, I would go with a smaller Kelly for your frame.:yes:
  6. BTW, the Birkin looks FANTASTIC on you!:love:
  7. vermillion- the kelly and birkin has two entirely diff. look. birkin being casual, so no matter how big it may be, it'll look easy and chic. on the other hand the kelly, is a bit more formal (esp. in sellier) - more businesslike. IMO, they both look smashing on you!

    btw, can i live in your closet?????
  8. I think they are both too big for you, and you should give them to me!:idea: Kidding. I think they both look lovely on you, but I am a fan of larger bags. I agree the Kelly looks bigger than the Birkin. If you never use it, then get something that makes you happy. :yes:
  9. I think the Kelly looks great on you. Definitely not too big! It looks great with what you have on. I think it looks smaller than the Birking sine it gets smaller towards the top of the bag.

    I'm with H_addict though, if you really aren't using it, perhaps it's time it goes to a new home.

    Will you miss her if she is gone? Just something to think about. Lifestyles change over the years and you may find a use for it in the future.
  10. it's definitely more briefcase formal than the other bags. you could always sell her and get a smaller kelly, like a 32 or even a 28, depends if you are going to use her.

    she's very nice!!!
  11. Vermillion, I love the the color and the construction. I think you would do better with a 28cm though. This one is a bit overwhelming for your see the bag and miss the beautiful woman in the stunning outfit holding it.

    The Birkin however looks great!!!!
  12. The kelly looks fantastic on you!!!!!
  13. Vermillion, you look fabulous with the 35 kelly. Sometimes you want a bigger bag, sometimes a smaller one. This is good for when you're going for a more casual or business look, and it's a good color for a bigger bag. I vote for keeping it and using it!
  14. I think it looks wonderful on you! I say maybe carry it for the next few days and see how you feel about it. Its gorgeous.


    look at all those orange boxes in your closet! can we take a peek?
  15. ^^ Agree, your Kelly will look great with business outfits and a great alternative to your Birkin. It's big but I actually think your Birkin looks even bigger on you, the black color sort of hides the size but it does look bigger tome when I examine your pics.

    You look great in all your pics by the way!! Why do all the ladies here look like super models when they pose in their pics? Argh!! I'm jealous!