Should I sell it or keep it?

  1. Hi guys...Just want to get some advice. I have a speedy30 that I rarely use and I'm not loving it anymore. I have got it for 1.5 years I just dont like the handle turning dark. Should I sell it or should I keep it? If I decide to sell what price would be reasonable to sell??:confused1:
  2. if you are not getting much use out of it, definitely sell it and fund for a bag you will use. the price varies depends on the condition, ur eBay rating, misc such as receipt, dust bag, box, quality of pix .....
    do an advance check on eBay for 'completed listings', you should be able to view the most recent completed listings of speedy 30. good luck!
  3. I do the same..the bags that I don't use ..I will sell them on eBay.
  4. I agree. Sell it and fund your new purchase.
  5. Sell it on MP, someone out there will give it a good home. Mono Speedy 30's sell fast on MP
  6. Yep, somebody out there will gladly take it off your hands!
  7. if you dont use it anymore just sell it on not sure how much tho' but you can do research in ebay...there are a lots of speedy on ebay
  8. Definitely sell it if you don't use it. You should have no problems selling it on ebay.
  9. I would sell it.

    Are you not using it because of the darkened handles? Have you thought about getting the handles replaced?
  10. Sell, get something your gonna use~
  11. sell and get something you love and want to use.
  12. ITA.
    Good luck.
  13. sell it to fund another bag you'd love and use.....
  14. If you're not using it, sell it and take the money to get a purse you'll use more.
  15. I'm in agreement with everyone else. Sell it and get something you'll enjoy more. I have a hard time keeping things that I don't use. That way you can get a replacement that will make you happy to wear it.