Should I sell for less than my reserve if my item doesnt sell?

  1. I'm selling a pair of shoes right now on eBay. I've worn it maybe 3-4 times and it started to hurt my feet like no other, i still have blisters from them. The wear on the shoe is very minimal and its practically in brand new condition. You can't even tell the shoe has been worn unless u look under the shoe.

    Someone asked me if i would consider selling for less if my item didnt sell. My reserve is at $200 and i paid $323 for the shoes. What should i do? Should i just relist or consider her offer?
  2. I don't know what the shoes are but $200 sounds like alot of money for worn shoes that retailed at $323.

    It really depends what you feel is a fair price. Has the bidder told you what she'll offer?
  3. It depends on how bad you want to get rid of them and if her offer is reasonable.
  4. Ok let me clarify...its not like used used shoes. It's brand new shoes that just came out...i wore it 3- maybe 4 time for a few hours. So it looks completely new. I've had them for maybe 2 weeks.

    Well i'm giving up more than $100 for a pair of brand new shoes that i wore only for a few i dont know really know how to go about this. I guess the qustion i should be asking is : is asking for $200 for a pair of barely worn brand new shoes, that retails for $300 fair?

    Just remember: these are pratically brand new!!!!
  5. It's hard to comment fairly without seeing a photo, can you post one of the uppers and soles?
  6. Can i pm you the pictures?
  7. Sure or post them on here if you like
  8. It depends on what you want. I sold a bag for less than reserve on a second chance offer, b/c I wanted to be done with it. It is what your goal is. I have never bought shoes on eBay, so I'm not sure the market for them.
  9. Ok i figured out how to attach the pictures!! I didnt know how...only how to attach pictures in PM's. Ok these are pictures of the bottom sole.
    [​IMG] the other shoe [​IMG]

    And the two shoes together:

    Everything else is brand scratches or anything. Not even on the heel part.

    -Thanks for all your opinions btw! I dont normally sell shoes on eBay, but these hurt my feet too much and i cant return them anymore.
  10. Just a thought, have you actually tried returning them? If they hurt that much that they are unwearable then they may be badly designed and the store may give you your money back.

    I see what you mean about not being worn much. The thing is that people seen worn shoes, no matter how little, and don't want to pay alot for what they consider to be secondhand shoes. Do you see what I mean?
  11. It got these from Nordstroms. I dont know if they take returns on worn shoes. I've read somewhere on the forums that someone tried to return worn shoes because they were hurting but the store (i forgot which one) said they dont take returns on worn shoes. This might have been in the general discussion subforum.

    I realise people looking at my auction see these shoes as i'm not really sure if i'm asking for too much.
  12. I definitely think it's worth you trying to take them back. The way I view it is that why should you be out of pocket for a pair of shoes that are unwearable. I'm assuming that you are a gal that wears heels alot and know when something is not right with them.

    Back to the matter in hand, if you are forced to sell them then I realistically think you would only get half your money back and even that's not guaranteed.

    Did the buyer make an offer?
  13. Well, if you can't wear them, then any money would be better than them sitting in your closet. I'd sell them, if it were me.
  14. Honest opinion? I wouldn't pay more than half retail for a used pair of shoes. And since you did wear them, even if only for a few hours at a time, they are used. It's like driving a car off the lot - it may still look 'brand new' but once it's out of the gate the value drops.

    IMHO of course!

  15. ITA with this post. Shoes are a LOT like cars in that sense. Used is used. Someone else's "foreign foot" has strutted in them, whether it was for two hours, or two years.

    Like, with a handbag, someone's body parts aren't rubbing all over it, or sweating in it. Well, you never know I guess! LOL :lol:

    If that bidder came even CLOSE to your reserve, I say sell.