Should I sell black epi Jasmin?

  1. I'm after tpf opinions....

    I have been thinking about selling my black epi Jasmin and replacing her with the black bowling montaigne PM.

    But is the bowling montaigne a classic bag, or one that won't last??

    Please help me decide!!

  2. Uh oh. If you decide to sell it can you PM me? I already have one, but I dont mind a spare! Gold or plat hw?
  3. its platinum hw...

    I can't stop looking at that Bowling bag... but I can't justify owning two - since they look fairly similar!
  4. im thinking about selling mine as well! but i wanna replace her with a suhali lockit. but back to your question, both bags are such classic pieces.
  5. I've several Epi Jasmin and I saw women tonight with Red and Ivory Bowling, both are so gorgeous and I madly keen it although I was carrying my Suhali L'Impre :p Go, go for Bowling..!
  6. The Jasmin is so classy in black ... is there a way you can hang on to it and still get a Montaigne in a different color? The Montaigne is a lot bigger and a better everyday bag, you could always use the Jasmin for nights out or when you do not want to carry much.
  7. i thinnk if you can keep the jasmin, keep it 100%
  8. KEEP the Jasmin!!! Its a classic, the other may or may not be down the road! The Jasmin IMO is gorgeous!
  9. Don't sell the Epi Jasmin, you'll regret it, wait a while and you might not like the other bag more!
  10. Depends on how you plan to use the bags bc the jasmin holds so much less and is more appropriate as an evening bag or depends on how much you usually carry during the day.
  11. I love the bowling bag in ivory-have it and it is a wonderful size. I think all LVs are classic and this style is so often used in all designers. Whatever you do-both bags are awesome.Sorry , not much help .......
  12. keep jasmin...
  13. Keep the Epi Jasmin. I think it is more classic and I would not let it go.
  14. I had a jasmin and let it go, keep yours or PM if your selling it!
  15. Don't sell the Epi Jasmin in black - it's such a beautiful and elegant bag! I don't like the Bowling bags.