Should I sell Berry Carly????

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  1. Girls, I need HELP!!!!!! I dont think that Carly is for ANY size! I have the large Chocolate Carly and was desperately trying to use her as my everyday bag, but she is too large for I am unsure I am going to like the drop on the medium berry Carly.....UGH..........I know if I sell berry Carly I can probably make a huge profit on her since she was the ONLY ONE available in the states right now, but I dont want to regret my decision......HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY wanted to love Carly like the rest of you do, but the more I think about it, I dont think this bag is for ME in ANY size!!! Does anyone else feel this way about the Carly bag??? UGH.......I need HELP!!!!!!!!! :confused1: Please give me ALL of your opinions!!!! :sad:
  2. As much as the Carly is one of my favorite Coaches, I can't carry any size either. Doesn't work for me. I was so very excited about gettting the slim large black leather Carly at Christmas, but it didn't work for me either. I was depressed to have to send it back for a refund. I've decided I'm better off with my LV Speedys and my small Black coach hobo is still around even as beat as it is. It's a fave I can't give up. But I still see the Carly and love it.
  3. Mommyville, Carly doesn't work for me either. The only Carly I have is a black leather wristlet. Everyone here loves her and I really wish that I could too, but she just doesn't work for me. Baby Carly and the demi Carly are too small and the others are too big.:sad:

    If she doesn't work for you, don't keep her, even if she's limited and coveted by everyone on this forum - LOL!! Your best bet may just be to sell her on eBay. As for regretting your decision, can you hold on to her for a month (or so) to see if you can figure out a way to wear her? Just an idea...
  4. Oh no!!! :nuts: I love Carly, but that is me. If you don't totally love her then don't keep her, no matter if she is the last one or not! I bet you can make good money on her like you said since she is the only one available and she is really pretty. :yes: Make sure you won't regret it before you sell her though! But if a bag is not for you then don't keep her, no matter what the deal or limitedness of it. Good Luck!!! :tup:
  5. NOOOO!!!!! Ok, having said that, if you don't feel like you will ever use her, then you could probably do really well selling her. I was feeling kind of the same way about my LE scarf hippie but once you sell it, it's gone for probably forever. So just be REALLY sure about what you want to do. There are a billion girls on here that would stalk eBay if you told them you were Ebaying it :angel::lol: But I know what you mean. My medium seems a little small but the large is just a bit too big for me.
  6. That is EXACTLY how I feel!!!!! I LOVE Carly on everyone else EXCEPT me!!!!! LOL I was actually going to try the slim Carly....but now that you said that....I probably wont like it on me either.....I prefer hobos too :sad: I'm sad!!!!!
  7. I've been going over this in my mind since she arrived!!!! I even went to Macy's to try on medium Carly's and I just dont like the drop on them!!!! I LOVE the drop on the large Carly, but the bag is way too large for me to carry as my everyday bag..... It seems I love how Carly looks on everybody but ME!!!!
  8. If you do not love it then you should sell it.. I know it will be hard being that it is limited.

    I'm really sorry it's not working for you! I still love my large Carly.
  9. Thanks, Fields! I dont THINK I will regret my decision....I am just not IN LOVE w/ the Carly like I am w/ the Ergos.....I'm sad though b/c I LOVE the color combo of the khaki/berry!!!!!!!! But, I cant keep a bag that I dont like the drop on and just like the color of!!!! That is why this is such a HARD decision!!!!
  10. Carly is a gorgeous bag and I always notice her when other people carry her. But I cannot wear one at all. I've tried the medium, large and the slim and they just do not work for me. The berry is beautiful and you could likely do very well selling it, but you need to be positive that it cannot work for you!
  11. I LOVE the large Carly too....she is my vacation/carry on bag now b/c she was GREAT for Disney for us!!!! I wish I could fall in love w/ the medium Carly as my everyday bag....but you know that song "I cant make you love me...." LOLOL
  12. NOOOO, not the Berry :sad:

    Sorry to hear that you feel this way, personally, I LOVE Carly, but if you aren't feeling it, then sell it for something that you love! No use in keeping bag, as gorgeous as it is, that you won't use.
  13. Thank you soooooooooo much!!!!! It really helps to see that there ARE some others who cannot wear a Carly in any size as well!!!! She is such a beautiful bag and I am so jealous of the girls I see carrying her around!!!!!
  14. Sorry mommyville that you're not in love with your new berry Carly.. it's such a gorgeous bag and color!!
    But I agree that you should sell it and buy something that you love and will carry. It's sad to be part with your Carly but it would be much more sad if you stuck her in the closet!.. Good luck dear!! ;)

    I love the way Carly looks on all of you & she's such a pretty bag. The medium drop is just too short for me. And the large bag was too big, but more important too heavy for my bad shoulder. I keep saying that if they make the slim with regular leather trim, she'll be mine, but I just don't think Carly & I are ever meant to be together in any way shape or form :lol:

    So I feel your pain!

    But in terms of selling berry carly... if you don't think you're going to get good use out of her, and know you'll make a nice amount of $$ to use for an ergo or something else you will :heart: and use often, then maybe she's worth selling. But definitely take some time and think about it so there are no regrets! Good luck :tup:
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