Should I sell 2 of my bags to fund new bag?

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  1. I am pretty happy with my small Chanel collection right now, but this bag is just so different and the color is just gorgeous! Should I sell 2 of my bags to fund this?
    I know that this is a SOHO exclusive bag, but has Chanel ever came up with similar shades before?

    TIA :biggrin:

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  2. What bags were you thinking of selling?
  3. i love these exotic flaps. clearly not too practical tho. so long as you have some practical bags left over why not?!!???
  4. i agree with pls5. Love the exotic gray... but since I know I probably wont use it... I would rather keep my regular caviars right where they are - in my loving arms :smile:
  5. i was thinking of selling two of my bags to fund for a new one too!! are you thinking of selling them on ebay or going through a consignment shop?
  6. Probably thinking of selling 2 of my lambskin bags? You're right, I'm not sure whether the phyton flap would be practical ?
  7. It's best she not say, but just be general. ;)
  8. If you have something else for everyday then I would go for the python. IMO, the colors out for this season's python flaps are gorgeous! :drool:
  9. I wouldn't trade two lambskin classics for a python. I think the lambskin flaps are more timeless and useful.
  10. I think it depends on how many Chanel bags you have to begin with.
  11. If the 2 bags you are thinking of selling are the timeless classic, I would advise to keep them.
  12. No. I don't know what you are planning to get rid, but personally I dislike python or any kind of exotic skin.

    And wouldn't spend that much on something is not realistic. I called unrealistic because it is not practical especially when in rush.
  13. If you love it, then go for it! That said, I love the python but only like it from a distance. It sort of creeps me out. Personally, I wouldn't sell your classics for this bag. It just wouldn't fit my lifestyle. I think you'd get more mileage out of your classics instead of this bag. If you're the kinda girl who has everything, then get the python. You deserve it! But if you're like the rest of us (luxury every now & then), then I think you should stick to the classics.
  14. Thanks all for your feedback. All classic flaps comes in double flap, which I don't really like. I still prefer the old version of Jumbo & Maxi. I like classic flap so much, not really a fan of other, except camera bag :biggrin:

    I think I will keep them ;)
  15. agreed!