should i sell 2 classic flaps to buy 1 hermes? -->

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  1. the 2 Chanel handbags are: a med/ large beige caviar w/ gold hardware and a red caviar jumbo w/ silver hardware. i was thinking about selling them b/c i've barely carried either of them. the jumbo is a bit heavy for me, and the size feels awkward on my 5'2" frame. i don't carry the beige b/c it doesn't really go w/ my outfits. so both like new, just sitting in the closet. i've only been holding onto them b/c i didn't want to have seller's remorse over letting them go.

    if i sold the Chanel's i would get a Kelly 28 in black and silver. i *think* i'd use this bag a lot more.

    or i could go the completely non-practical route and get a birkin 35 in red and silver. just b/c i've always admired it. :graucho:
  2. they are classics that aren't hard to repurchase, if by chance you're just distracted by H..but of course it would be at a higher price to far as Hermes, unless you're going reseller route or Paris FSH, there is no guarantee you can get these specific bags unless you are willing to wait and wait.. but maybe you know this already :girlwhack:
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  3. Sure why not? You don't use them anyway...
  4. sometimes i do have the same thoughts. i would really want to try for a kelly at fsh but everytime i look at my chanel collection, i still can't bear parting with any of them even though i don't use them often enough now (especially my classic flaps) coz i have a 6 month old baby. i tell myself that i will use them often again just like before later on. for now, i decided to keep my chanel collection intact and just save for the kelly. keep your classics. i know what you mean with the beige but it does really suit a neutral or colorful wardrobe. i used mine a lot during spring and summer. good luck and before i forget, red is a personal choice. it would be sad for you to end up regretting letting go of "your" red ️
  5. Yes to selling the Chanels to buy k28, no to red B35 cos if a jumbo is heavy for you, I think a B35 wld be even more heavier?
  6. I don't care for Hermes personally so my instinctive answer was "nope!" lol
    But I also don't think people should keep things they don't use :angel:
  7. Yes you should
    You're not using them anyway
    But buy hermes or not
    Do more research to know better
  8. If you are not using them and don't think you ever will, I would definitely sell them! I've done that with a red jumbo and a single flap black maxi and I don't have any regrets. No use to keep them sitting around in your closet. It's not easy to come to that decision and actually act upon it though... I'd love a black K28 myself too and should really just get rid of some Chanels I rarely use but it's soooo hard to fight the inertia...good luck with your decision dear!
  9. I wouldn't want to swap 2 Chanels, even for an Hermes...

    2 Guess bags, sure! 2 Longchamps, sure! ...

    But wow, Chanel is Chanel and I dunno.. I guess I'm just super biased. I love Chanel and don't like Hermes all that much just yet.
  10. I had the same experience. I sold my m/l and jumbo because of the sizes and capacities but I do keep the mini's and others. No regret and very happy with my Kelly 28.
  11. Yes, if you are able to secure your Hermes purchase first as we all know that can be a challenge. But once you have done so then I would sell the sizes you don't carry as you will love your Hermes purchase and wear it well. I don't have a Kelly, but a K32 is on my wishlist :loveeyes: I do, however, have 2 B35s and I love them and use them.
  12. When I sold all of my LV bags and Valentinos Bags I had no buyers remorse at all!!! The reason was simple , I was so focused at the end result which was FINALLY getting my Holy grail Chanel Classic Flap that I didn't miss all those bags I didnt even use..
    So ask yourself a simple question how bad do you want the KELLY or BIRKEN?
  13. Once I got my first Birkin, I started selling all my not being used other designer bags to get more of their bags. I'm still waiting over 2 years for my black kelly since they are really hard to get, black in particular. I would recommend B30 instead of 35. I'm 5'4" & B35 seems too big on me & heavy. Good luck!
  14. I would sell both Chanel bags only after getting the black Kelly 28.

    Just imagine you will not get your dream Kelly but have sold both Chanel beauties which cannot be easily repurchased...
    Beige Clair M/L with GHW is no longer a classic but becoming seasonal and red caviar bags with regular silver hardware also seem to get rare (if I look at the upcoming collections...).

    I have a Kelly 32 and it weighs the same as my Jumbo. Kelly 28 will be probably only a tad lighter (depending on your leather choice).

    But of course you have to love your bags and if you do not carry them, then it might be better to sell and to spend the money on bags you like more...

    Good luck for your decision!
  15. yes, why not :P