should I sell 05 black city for Gucci horsebit hobo?

  1. Ok, so I have a rouge vif first and a black 05 city and have just seen the Gucci black medium horsebit hobo on Neiman Marcus's website. I am now totally undecided upon whether to sell my city and buy that or a MArc Jacobs stam in black or keep the city?

    Does anyone have the Stam or the Gucci? How do they compare to the BBag as I have never seen either in real life, I am totally not knowing what to do!:yes: Also does anyone have any pics of them with these bags?
  2. Also, how does the large Gucci hobo compare with the size of the Balenciaga day?
  3. I :heart: the look of the MJ Stam but have been advised from another PF member that the leather may be questionable? The Stam is quite large, so be sure to check out modeling pics. Good luck!
  4. Normally I would say NO WAY but I just sold my 05 black city to help fund my Chanel Baby Cabas
  5. no, the medium horsebit hobo is very small
  6. I don't own any Bbags but I do have a Gucci horsebit hobo, the large one. I Love it!!! Comfortable and I get a lot of compliments on it! Can you post pics of the bags you are thinking about parting with? I'm new to Bbags...

  7. LOL, i'm not in the rights to say yes or no too :p
    i've sold some b bags to fund 2 chanels :shame:

    but my suggestion is, just follow ur heart, which one you'll love more.
    btw, can u post the pic of the gucci? i have not many knowledge about gucci's style...
  8. [​IMG]
  9. oooh, that looks liek a pretty bag too.
    how's the leather? it looks like it's fragile to scratch unlike b bags' leather
  10. Rosieroseanna...It's up to you at the end of the day, But I would keep hold of your black city. I have a feeling you may regret it, the black city is a classic and the 05 leather is TDF.:love:
  11. Thank you! It's just I have heard the Gucci is a classic etc! And I think the Stam is maybe better known? I know that makes me sound pathetic but no one ever comments on my bbags and they did with my Mulberry bags etc.
  12. I would keep the City -

    I don't like Gucci and while I do like MJ, they are too heavy :yes:
  13. ITA!! I recently bought a MJ stam hobo and it's very heavy with minimal items in it:yes:
  14. I keep looking for an 05 black city, so you can guess where I stand on that!:smile:

    But I always think it's great to diversify
  15. if you can sell a different bag, then I would do that instead. The '05 cities are so hard to come by...the gucci horsebit will always be around and they go on sale too.