Should I say "guaranteed authentic" in my listing?

  1. I'm about to relist my fendi spy bag after the winning bidder refused to pay (having accused me of shill bidding - a total crock). i had so many people ask me about authenticity during the first auction, and one person in particular kept pressuring me to say that it was guaranteed authentic or else i would give her money back. I don't ever accept returns in my auctions, so this was hard for me since my bag is authentic. it always seems sort of gimmicky to me when sellers say this because why would you even admit that there's an option for it to be fake if you're so sure of authenticity. maybe i'm getting caught up in semantics, but i'd lover other peoples' opinions on this. i would hate to deter legitimate, paying buyers (which seem to be a rarity these days) from bidding if i don't say this.

    also, i was thinking i could post pictures of my bag on the "authenticate this thread" on this forum, and when it's confirmed to be authentic, i could include a link to that in my auction. has anyone done this before? i'm not sure if it would be frowned upon.

  2. Yes do state that you guarantee authenticity in your auction. It's somewhat standard and many times you can get VEROed if you do not state a guarantee of authenticity.
    Hope this helps! Good luck and I hope you get a legit buyer this time!!
  3. Definitely state it's authentic because it reassures buyers but you will still get questions asking if it's authentic
  4. Definitely state it is authentic in as many ways as you can fit in one auction. Buyers are very scared about buying a fake, especially now that there are more fake than real. Mention how much you hate fakes and people that sell them. Anything you can think of that would set YOUR mind at ease use it.
  5. As a general rule the sellers who do not blatantly state that an item is authentic are attempting to avoid the question and are selling a fake....the same as those who think putting a disclaimer "Can not guarantee authenticity" means they can sell fakes
  6. I agree with the other posters -- definitely say that the bag is guaranteed authentic. I usually say, "Please feel free to head over to the purse forum to have the bag authenticated there."
  7. I don't think anyone really answered the question that she is asking here. I never put 'guaranteed authentic' in my auctions. I do put '100% authentic'. I think putting 'guaranteed authentic' implies (but doesn't necessarily state) that I will take a return if someone gets the bag and decides it is not authentic. I will not take a return. I KNOW my bags are authentic and anyone who knows anything about B-bags will also be able to see that they are. The person that I feel I attract by saying I will take a return is the person who buys the bag and for whatever reason (buyer's remorse or any reason) decides they don't want/or like it and tries to say it is fake. I am not putting myself through that hassle. Will this keep some buyers from buying from me? Probably. But anyone can go on TPF and authenticate my bag and the people on there know me so they know my bags are authenticate. If you are spending $1k on a bag and can't be bothered to authenticate it, you get what you ask for.
  8. yeah, i mean i guess what i was getting at is how amorphous the word 'guaranteed' is. during the last auction i had someone trying to twist my arm to say i'd take it back if she got proof it wasn't real. i guess it all depends on how you look at it.

  9. i definitely say that it's authentic in the auction... the sticking point is the 'guarantee'.
  10. ITA!!
  11. I always state, "all my items are authentic and were purchased from an authrorized dealer".
  12. even though you don't allow returns you need to reassure buyers that if they can prove your bag is fake (which you know they can't so it's really a non-issue), you will refund their money. you don't technically need to say it because if the buyer can prove it's fake, they will get their money back regardless of what your policy says. but some buyers just like to hear it. i have no problem guaranteeing authenticity because i know it's not an issue.
  13. I have honed the language on my listings down to, what I feel, is a significant amount of confidence placed in my bidders. It says everything it should about authenticity, without saying it too much. Feel free to revise the language and use it on your own!

    "CHECK MY EXTENSIVE SELLING FEEDBACK FOR MY AUTHENTIC BAGS. I am a proud member of tPF. If you love bags as much as I do, then join!

    I have NEVER sold or carried a replica, as I consider them and any one carrying them a joke and a drain to the luxury economy. I REPORT fakes, so if you're selling them, trust that eventually you WILL be caught.

    With all of my auctions, authenticity is guaranteed. Any bag that passes through my hands is guaranteed authentic with absolute certainty. Questions or concerns need to be addressed while the listing is active, so if you are in the least bit hesitant, do not bid on any of my auctions."
  14. I have bought a LOT of high-end bags on eBay, and I have to say I would never buy a bag if the seller would not back authenticity with a $$$-back guarantee. No matter how much a buyer authenticates an item, you never know if it's REALLY real till you get it into the store. So it means a lot to me for a seller to put her $$$ where her mouth is. Maybe unfair, since buyers already have so many other protections, but just MHO.
  15. I have yet to buy a bag on *bay because of all of the fakes. So far there has not been anything I have wanted to buy that I could not get from a dept store, the vendor boutique. I do think some wording guaranteeing the authenticity is important as is referring people to check out the bag at the authenticating threads here.

    To protect yourself, you might want to get the tags and let people know no returns unless the tag is left on the bag. That way you can avoid someone switching the bag and claiming it is not authentic.