Should I save it for Xmas?

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  1. Okay~ I am getting my Lilac Work on Tuesday!:yahoo: This may sound really stupid of me to ask opinions but I don't know what to do!

    When I get the bag should I not open the package and give it to my husband to save for my Xmas present? We celebrate Chanukah but we open gifts on Xmas!~LOL. I really am DYING to have it but should I save it to open on Xmas?????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I just got my xmas bag yesterday and am already using it today! I CAN'T wait to use new bags, so I say NOW:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. No! Don't wait! You must open it now. : )
  4. Yay congrats on your lilac work Zacorey! :yahoo: *I* wouldn't be able to save it for Xmas... But if it would make the bag more special for you then yes I think you should save it for Xmas!
  5. I'm with Pewter. If you can wait AND if it would make the bag more special, then by all means save it. If you can't, we all understand :heart:
  6. since it's only 2 weeks away. I'd probably wait and open on christmas..
  7. Um, there is no way I would be able to wait. I would have to open it up and look at it because the suspense would be killing me! I'm sure I would also be using it right away too. My husband and I have bought each other Christmas presents, but we're already using them before Christmas even gets here!
  8. I ALWAYS wait when I get a new goody to use it. I like to just fondle it for a while first. I say wait. And then when you open the gift, act all surprised, like you didn't even know it was coming. :smile:
  9. OK let's re-phrase: I would open it, make sure all is well, fondle it, maybe take a pic for our viewing pleasure, and then regain self-control and let DH pack it away. ;)
  10. ^^^LOL!!!!!!!!!

    This is killing me! I think I will open it and then if I can I will pack it back up and give it to my husband to wrap for Xmas!!!!! I think I will feel tortured if I don't get to peek at it!!!!!!!:hysteric:
  11. :P :P :P That is exactly what i was going to say. You read my mind.:yes:
    Yayyy Zac i am excited for you but i can't wait another two weeks.:nuts:
  12. I don't think you can wait till Christmas without even taking a look and having a feel of ya new Lilac :P

    So give yaself some play time with it, then get it wrapped, and you'll be as excited as any kid when Christmas comes around :yes:
  13. for my xmas rouille.... I opened it immediately, quick snapped some pix and put it back in the box. I will not be using it or looking at it again!!!!!!!!!!

    you can do it, it really is fun to have that suspense!
  14. Are you crazy, girl??? OPEN IT and use it!!! With two weeks left, you have plenty of time to buy another bag to wrap for Xmas giving :roflmfao:
  15. Oh dear!
    My mind says wait, my heart says open, and in between the two I think you will loose your sleep!