Should I rush to the mall now, or let it pass? Help me decide!

  1. Hi everyone! I have had a few scarves on my list, and I panicked when I saw the price increase is going in today for the US. I've called my local store and they said if I can come down today (its 7pm now) or lunch t/w I should be safe.

    What I need to know from you guys is...I am eyeing a few pochettes/gavroches and some 35cm carre's. Possibility also of rings.

    Do you urge me to GO NOW or wait it out some?

    Some background on one of the pieces...I got a gavroche from an NM (H store was like right outside the NM) and I did not like the seams (not even at all, and I am not being anal, it was visually striking how uneven the seams were). So, NM hasn't returned my cash, and I really want to just get it from the H boutique along with my other treasures...

    What say you???
  2. This is the Purse Forum, we are a group of enablers so you know we are all going to say, RUN DONT WALK. :nuts:
  3. Further to Reneh's comment, what are you still doing at home/work????....quick, get thee to H
  4. Oh you guys!!! lol

    I guess im desperately-seeking-ledge-talker-offer...hahhaa
  5. None of us will talk you off the ledge. Besides, it's a couple scarves, maybe a ring. It cant get to dangerous. :p I'm east cost and its after 7 here. Tomorrow your going to wish you bought it and it will cost much more.
  6. go girl!
    you know you want to...ha, ha, ha! (just being cheeky!:p)
    no harm in checking it out, then make up your mind once you see them, then show us your goodies :flowers:
  7. so did you run??!!:yahoo::tup:
  8. If you are going to buy them anyways I say buy them now before the increase!
  9. What happened???
  10. you can't start a thread like this and never tell us what happened.
  11. Oh god, let's hope she wasn't running too fast and got a twisted ankle or something!
  12. Gulp!

    I hope she ran. I just came from the Hermes website. :wtf:

    :push: $$$OUCH$$$ :push:
  13. ^I need water splashed on my face.:crybaby:
  14. Annnnnnnddddddddd.........???????


    Have a look and cry....