Should I return?

  1. I was just going through my bag closet and I was examining my satin fuschia clutch from cruise. I haven't used it yet and it looks like its balling up or something funky is happening to the satin. Mind you, its sitting in its dustbag in the box with all the receipts. No one has touched it. Should I keep it or return it and put that credit (paid the bill already) towards something else? It really is cute and the color is special. I am torn
  2. If you feel you won't get much use out of your clutch maybe return it.
    Maybe put it towards something you will use more often than collecting dust.
  3. I am not a fan of satin, especially in a clutch. Too much handling.
  4. ITA, get a leather clutch or something exotic. Satin just doesn't seem right for a clutch to me.
  5. Return it :smile: if it looks bad now it's telling you return me lol
  6. Return it and get something you can get use out of and not have to worry about as much.

    Although it is beautiful to look at, satin just seems so hard to take care of... especially a clutch. When I bought my timeless clutch, they mistakenly sent me the satin instead of the caviar that I had ordered. It was beautiful, but I was so scared that I might snag it, being that I have such dry hands. LOL I would also worry about applying lotion on my hands prior to carrying a satin bag, in case the oils from my hands leave a stain on it. Yikes!

    Needless to say, it would have been too much maintenance for me owning a satin bag. I quickly put it in the dustbag, took it back to Saks and had them send me one in caviar.
  7. I have a rule. Once it exists the closet and it put back into the bag for return thats it. Its going back. I have a caviar timeless clutch and I barely use that. So thank you ladies, its going back to NM.
  8. Satin is high maintenance and if you have not used it for any of the Christmas or New Year parties, you probably would not use it. So, yes, return sounds sensible.
  9. I really find limited usage for satin, or maybe I'm just not much of a satin fan
  10. I would exchange it for something else. I think if it already looks bad, then it will only get worse. How long ago did you buy it?
  11. I find that if you have to ask, then its time to go! Good choice. I'm not a fan of satin bags either. Id be afraid of runs or pulls too.
  12. good choice, I did not like the satin to much.
    the risk of snagging and all