should i return this mc speedy?

  1. do you guys think i should return this speedy, i dont think i like the colors of the lvs of the front. too many greens, i want more pinks and purples. what should i do??
  2. I see what you mean...that would bother me as well..can you not just exchange it?
  3. get one you will be happy with
  4. I think its nice, and the greens are ok for this season. But if you are not sure about keeping sth that cant convince you 100%, the get it back, or try to go to the store and ask them to hange it for another with more colors that u like
  5. this is crazy, i bought on elux, returned it, waited like 2 weeks, ordered it again, and they sent me the same bag!!maybe i was meant to have that one
  6. It's very nice. :love: But exchange it with another if you're still not happy. Maybe elux will get it right the second time around.
  7. i think u should definitely return/exchange if you don't like it.....i know with eluxury it's difficult to get the color scheme you like since you're not there in person, but maybe you can get one from the LV boutique?.......i know that at a lot of them when you're buying an MC item they'll pull out a few so that you can examine color placement and choose the one you like....after all with a bag that costs that much you shoudl be completely satisfied :P
  8. for the price you paid i'd want to be more then happy with it.
    Perhaps go into the lv store so you can go through the bags and pick out the right color combo.

  9. Yes return or exchange, maybe e-mail/ tell them why and what you want. You should be 100% happy with it!
  10. If you don't like the colors, you should exchange it. Don't keep it if you're not completely happy with it.
  11. If you buy from elux can you take it to a store to exchange? If not just get one from a store and sell that one on ebay.
  12. you should get what your 100% satisfied with IMO esp. when you paid that much money.. can you return it and maybe buy another (with the color combo you want) from LV boutique??
  13. I say you should exchange it for another one. I'm rather picky about the color combinations too :smile:
  14. Return it if you don't like the colour combo. I looked at 5 different lodges before I found the colour combo I wanted. It wasn't a problem at all with my SA who was very patient.
  15. Definitely get one you're happy with :biggrin: