Should i return this for that?

  1. i bought this mini skinny, but i never saw the other. i really like the first, hence i bought im not sure if i would like the other..which do you prefer?
    40089_SKHTO_d2.jpg 6K25_BKHCH_d2.jpg
  2. I like the first one much better than the second one :smile:
  3. I don't think there is much difference. Keep the first one.
  4. I don't see much difference either but I did see both at the Rehoboth Beach outlet last Friday. I don't see them usually though.
  5. I like the mini signature better.
  6. LOL I'm in the minority but I LOVE the big C's way more :love: The mini-signature pieces are usually a bit too much for me.. but I think they look okay on the mini skinny. I'd personally go back to get the other one, but I don't know how far away the outlets are for you so it may not be worth it.
  7. are you serious i can get these at outlets? lol i got these from the store :sad:
  8. i have the second one. I lovverrr it:heart:
    I didnt know i could get it at the outlets!! :wtf:
  9. I have the first one and I love it! The brown is such a beautiful color. And the hardware is silver, like most of my other bags/accessories, while the other one is brass. So yes, the first one! :love:
  10. my bags mainly have gold hardware, but i like the richness of the first, i cant say anything about the second since again i havent seen it. but since the hardware can only be seen in the inside, sholuld that not matter or am i forgetting something?
  11. I am not a fan of the big C's but for somereason I preffer the second one.
  12. do they still make the first one?
    i thought they did away with the mini mono?
  13. I'm with Sparkles . . . I much prefer the larger C's on just about everything!
    Oh, and the got rid of the Mini signature line, and recently replaced it with kind of a slightly larger mini signature. Like a medium signature line. Not sure if they're doing skinnies, yet, but I noted a bag with the fabric last time I was at the store and the SA confirmed it was their replacement for Mini-C.
  14. i like the second one better
  15. I think the first one is adorable! And I'm not even a huge fan of the mini-sigs.