Should I return this bag?

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  1. I just opened my new Delightful pm and it looks awesome accept for these scratches on one of the rings. I'm really annoyed because I paid to overnight this bag so I'd have it for a trip I leave for on Saturday. I won't have time to return it and wait for another one to be shipped. I'm trying to contact LV chat to see what they say. Would you keep this bag or return? I know the hardware will get scratches eventually anyway, but what should I do? Obviously the pic below is very enlarged. FullSizeRender.jpg
  2. I would return it. You could've saved some money and purchased it pre-owned if you wanted to walk around with a bag that looked used.
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  3. As much as I know it would be inconvenient I would return. Unless the scratches look deeper in the picture than IRL. Most scratching on LV hardware is surface hairline scratches from normal use. The scratches in the picture look quite deep. Good luck with your decision.
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  4. Ugghh. So disappointed. Getting a return voucher but won't have the replacement in time to take on my trip.
  5. I hear you. It's so annoying to try and get the bag in time to use it for something and then you see this! The hardware looks pretty bad. You'll regret it more if you did not return/exchange. I've had mine for a little over year and don't have any scratches of that kind.
  6. I would return it as well. Obviously something happened to this bag.
  7. Glad you decided to return it. Yes it will scratch eventually but at least they'll come from you :smile:
  8. I think you should return this bag. You aren't getting your money's worth if it already has scratches on it.
  9. return it! it'll always bother you
  10. Thanks everyone - I sent it back. The client services advisor said he would put in a request to refund me my $35 overnight shipping fee as well. So I hope they atleast do that. I'm very disappointed to say the least. I can't believe they have such nonexistent quality control as to send out a bag that had those kind of scratches on it brand new.
  11. I can understand your disappointment, not to mention the inconvenience of having to return the bag when you'd planned to take it away with you. You did the right thing though by returning it, a new bag should not have scratches on it like that. I hope the next one is ok.
  12. The leather looks dirty too! Right under the hardware. I would definitely return.
  13. You could always return this bag and overnight a new one to have it by Friday.
  14. I would definitely return it. That's a lot of scratches on a "new" bag and like others have said, it looks dirty on the leather? Can they refund you for the overnight shipping??
  15. That's so disappointing, especially since you purchased it to take on a trip!

    Why does it seem like merchandise purchased online more often has flaws?! Do they think they can sell the "bad bits" to less suspecting customers and that the serious ones of us who inspect bags are more likely to go to a store in person?
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