Should I return this bag ?

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  1. Heay everyone
    I need your opinions on this. I recently got this YSL kate bag from MYTHERESA , I had to pay over 300 CAD on duty and tax for this and I live in Canada, when I received it , I noticed these scratches on the leather of the bag and I wonder if you guys have these problems with yours ? I have contacted customer service and they requested to see photos , I tried to attach photos to send them and request for an exchange without paying more on duty and tax but my mail system keeps saying error to deliver and I don't know why. I use GMAIL by the way. I want to know should I return it or not ? Because it seems like I won't be able to attach photos to send to them to request for an exchange :sad:( . Anyone also knows how to send photos to MYTHERESA customer service please help me .

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  2. Yes, I would return it.
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  3. Can’t give you any guidance on contacting CS for that website, but yes, I would return the bag. IMO, for the amount of money that we pay for these “luxury” items, they better be freaking perfect.
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