Should I return this 2,55 reissue chevron so black?

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  1. I'm in need of your opinions. So I bought the 2,55 reissue chevron so black last week at the Rue Cambon boutique when I was visiting Paris (yeay!!). But only to find today when unpacking the bag that there's a small inconsistency on the bottom. It looks like the leather was (slightly) damaged where seperate leather parts were sewn together. What do you think? You can see some sort of white dot.

    Is this okay? Should I return the bag (second problem, I'm already back in Belgium and don't know if you can return the bag to a different country)? Please let me know what you guys think.

    Ps I also posted this on a facebook group, so if you're reading this twice I'm sorry :smile:



  2. Can you show us in a picture?
  3. Hi,
    Could you juist let me know if my pictures aren't showing, or if you can't see the inconsistency. I tried to upload some detailed pictures. Just changed the album setting to public, hope this helps ...
  4. I can see it. Can you see it if the bag is upright? It's up to you. If you exchange it, there might be a different problem with new bag as well. Mine has a thread coming out of the grommet but I kept it because I love the bag and I think only I can see it. I think with us sharing all the info here make me look at my bag every millimeter.
  5. I dont see anything wrong with the bag :coolio:
  6. Nope, can't see it when it's upright and the bottom of the bag is shaped. I'm just scared it's maybe a weak spot or it will tear further with time. I'm also one to baby my bags :smile:

    And yes, I do love the design of the bag and don't want to part with it.

    Thanks for your reply!
  7. Must be my zoom-vision, I'm quite detail oriented :cool:
  8. I can't see anything either, sorry.
  9. I spotted it almost immediately - it does look like a small tear/hole and I would worry that it may get worse over time. I would be returning that asap.
  10. I too spotted it immediately and would say that if there is a chance to return it then do it asap as there is chance that it might get worse in future.
  11. I also noticed the white spot, can you take it to Chanel and ask if they can exchange you with another bag? GL!
  12. Nothing to debate
    Not satisfied return it
    Its your bag and money
  13. I see the tiny white spot too. Anyway, it's a reissue, eventhough you just bought it, it looks old already so they might think it's just a wear and tear of the bag. But if you're not really satisfied, just return it. Im like you, I don't like even the slightest error.
  14. I will probably go to my local boutique tomorrow (was planned for tonight but one of our doggies got ill) and hear what they have to say. Thanks all for your input!
  15. I did see the little white spot but I am not sure what that could be. As far as other issues, the reissue is distressed calfskin so the leather has a crinkled/wrinkled look to it and that is totally normal. Some bags have more and some bags have less crinkling. You should bring it to your local boutique and see what they say.
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