Should I return these???

  1. I ordered these Jessica Simpson boots and I'm thinking about returning them. This is my first time buying knee high boots. They fit tight on my calf. They look slouchy on my legs because they can't go any higher. Are they suppose to fit like I am wearing them in the picture, or are they suppose to stay straight on the leg without the slouching. Sorry about the dirty mirror.
    100_0801.jpg 100_0804.jpg
  2. Just my opinion, but I think the boots would look more attractive if they were less slouchy and stay straight on the calf. However lots of boots have this slouchy style..maybe you can try it with different kinds of outfits and see if they look nicer with other clothing combinations. Otherwise if you are planning on buying boots to wear with a skirt/dress..a straight style boot looks better.
  3. Thanks for your advice, I'm starting to think the same thing.
  4. I think they look cute, but it depends on the look you are going for. Kinda funky with short skirts and tights? If you want something more dressy then I say a straight unslouchy style is better. Although these would look OK with a longer skirt as well.
  5. They might be designed to look like that. If you're not happy with the way they look I would DEFINITELY return them. If you don't they'll end up sitting in your closet unworn!
  6. If they are tight on your calfs you can take them to a cobbler to get them stretched.
  7. One point of consideration: you can't wear tights or tuck your jeans in these..