Should I return or keep?

  1. I have a Damier Speedy 30 and a Monogram Speedy 35. I haven't used the 35 yet because I'm just so afraid of the vachetta. I LOVE the bag though...I love that it's a bit bigger than the 30 and that it's class LV.

    I'm considering returning it and buying the Monogram Montorgueil (not sure of size yet).

    Are the Montorgueils Limited Edition pieces or are they going to be permanent? If they are going to be permanent to the collection, should I just keep the Speedy and just save up for the Montorgueil?

    I hate not being sure!!!!! I'd love your input so please share your thoughts.

    Thank you!:heart:
  2. I'm pretty sure the new bags in monogram are going to be permanent, but I'm not really an expert. Nonetheless I would keep the speedy 35. Prices are only going to continue to rise, and you will want one later on, if you return it now. I am talking from experience here. I had one returned and bought it again 2 years later. I still haven't used it, I bought it about a month ago, but I would not return it.
  3. ^^Thank you for your input BagsRME. :smile: I think you're right. I'll just save up for the Montorgueil. :smile:
  4. Montorqueil is part of the permanent collection
  5. ^^Thank you newcitylady! That helps a lot. :smile: