Should I return or keep this?

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  1. Just received this brand new beige flap and found a tiny defect in the corner (see pic). I texted this same pic to my SA and she texted back that she couldn't see the defect. Do you think thats a defect or this is normal on a flap bag? TIA

  2. I don't see anything.
  3. I don't see anything either. Looks like a normal stitch where they joined the leather pieces.
  4. I don't see anything too.
  5. Sorry, I don't see anything either.
  6. I see a tiny area where stitches are located.
  7. Return it. Better to always be on safe side.its your money and satisfaction is key....your satisfaction. At a minimum check out several to see if is truly part of the design in your nearest retailer, call ahead and schedule appt w management or ur SA.

    Hope that helps
  8. Seems like the surface coating for a tiny area may have rubbed off during stitching. On a caviar bag won't bother me but if you want you can try to see of store will send back to apply coating on top or just send to leather surgeon to do it. Can't imagine it'd cost that much. I say that vs return because I assume it took u sometime to locate this and it's really not a big deal imo so perhaps you might consider the above alternatives. :smile:
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    I returned a Boy bag last year because of a similar issue. It too, had what looked like a rip at a stitch. It was difficult to see but I could feel it and it annoyed me greatly that I had just spent $6000 on a bag that wasn't perfect. It was more apparent in a zoomed in picture.

    I returned it without difficulty but unfortunately I missed out on a replacement red caviar boy as they has sold out. I got a beautiful blue lambskin boy instead. I adore him but I still desperately want a red cross body chanel bag. So be quick if you want like for like.

    Good luck.