Should i return or keep my LV?

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  1. Hi, I'm new here. Hi to every one....
    I was at the LV store over the weekend and the SA told me that prices will go up in 2 days. So i bought the Maple Drive in Vernis. Now, i think it's a waste of money cuz i'll be going on a cruise in May. So there'll be a lot of crazy purchases during that trip. Please advice, should i return the bag or keep it?

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  2. If you have to ask? I'd say return it. Only keep a bag if you are totally in love with it.JMO V
  3. give it to me..i am in love with it :smile:
  4. I would keep it and just not spend alot of money on your cruise. It's what I did. I can't think of anything I could buy on my cruise in March that I'd rather have than my new LV.

  5. Hmmmm good point. But if you don't totally love it I would return it.
  6. Thanks for the advices. Of course i really love the bag but it's not very practical, don't you think? Oh well, i have couple days to decide. :o)
  7. if you don't love it, return it.
    the prices are going up between 2-3%. i don't know how much that bag is that you purchased, but the price increase will probably only cost you an hour or two of your time. not that big of a deal if you decide you want to buy it later. just my opinion.
  8. If you love it and think you'll use it I'd say keep it. If you're having doubts about it I'd return it.
  9. Agreed. If you don't love it or you don't think you'll use it, return it.
  10. The SA told me the prices will go up from 5-8%. I bought the bag for almost $800 after tax. Like Killerlife said, may be i should return it and buy it later if i still like it.
  11. If you bought it b/c you wanted to get a bag before the prices went up, then maybe your heart wasn't into it completely. If you bought it b/c you fell in love w/ it, then I'd say keep it. I bought a new bag before my cruise and wound up not finding anything worth buying either.
  12. Love your opinion. It's true, may be my heart wasn't into it completely. Shame on me :o(
    So you didn't buy anything during your cruise trip?
  13. Nope..and honestly I brought some discretionary $ w/ me thinking I was going to go crazy at the duty-free jewelry shops,etc. But wound up not really falling in love w/ anything I saw so I wound up putting my $ into my savings acct and there it sits!;)
  14. It's beautiful, but if you're having doubts, return it.
  15. If you are having doubts, you should return it. It's easier said than done, but just think of the potential new bags you might purchase and fall in love with during your trip.