Should I return my Ultimate Soft and get...

  1. ....a medium classic in black? I don't know what to do. I love the Ultimate Soft, and I think it will be a great everyday bag. But, I have a egc, and with these crazy price increases, I'm thinking that now is the time to buy a classic. I don't carry much everyday, but how does the classic work for a 'lug around town bag'? The price of the other is not increasing and I can get it at some other time. Like, maybe with the next egc...:graucho:
    So what do I do? Please, any imput would be so appreciated. BTW, the only classic that I have is a coral medium. That, I will not part with.
  2. i definitely prefer the medium classic to the ultimate soft, so i'd say exchange it if you can!
  3. Yes, totally.
  4. another vote for the classic.
  5. I say go for it! Although there are many other bags that I like, I think I'm going to try to get two flaps before the increase so save my bank account a little. :p
  6. Thanks for your comments. I think I'll go for the classic. Now I just have to overnight my egc to my sa so that I can get it witout tax!
  7. a classic is always a great buy
  8. I love the softness of the Ultimate Soft, but I prefer the look of the classic flap. I would exchange it for the flap bag.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  9. I love the flap and I prefer them... Given the increase, I think I would seriously consider it. I have the jumbo.

    That said, my next bag will be the Ultimate Soft tote!: ) You have good taste.:p
  10. You stated you love the ultimate soft. It's a very nice looking, practical choice. The price for now isn't over the top. The classic is just that, classic. I admit I've been stuck in flap-dom forever it seems. I love them because they present well in any scenario from casual to dressier. It's a shame the prices are getting raised with every breath we take.
  11. I vote flap too, the ultimate soft will show wear whereas the caviar flap is forever.
  12. I vote for the flap too
  13. You are so helpful! I agree that one of the biggest reasons why I'm even considering the flap is because the prices are going up. That should not be a factor, but it's reality. And the fact that they're probably going up $2-300 makes it even harder.
  14. I vote for the flap. Love them!
  15. Flap it is......:yes: