Should I return my tutti print stellina for a transport scuola or gioco?

  1. :smile:I have a transporto Zucca already. However, I was thinknig of geting a Scuola ior a Gioco in transporto and return my Tutti print because i think the tutti will get alot dirty.

    So should I exchange it? Should I get scuola or gioco in transporto?
  2. I think the tuti print is really's grown on me a lot over the last few weeks. Are you looking to have a tutti bag? If not, then I think a Trasporto Gioco would be really cute.
  3. I guess it depends on whether you like the Tutti print. True it'll prolly get dirty easily but if you love it then keep it :yes:
  4. i like tutti so i would keep it but that's me.
  5. THanks guys, I think I'm going to return it.
  6. my first bag I ever bought from Tokidoki was the tutti...I love that bag...the print is very cute...I had a choice to pick either or, I ended up getting the tutti...I thought the transport was cute, but I thought the tutti was even more cuter...hehe
  7. I hate trasporto so I'd keep the tutti but that's just my opinion...trasporto looks like it's for a five-year old IMO!! :p