Should I return my Trevi for a Duomo?

  1. I just purchase a trevi last week and I still like the bag but it seems a little heavy. Recently I have my eyes on the Duomo. It looks simple but nice and elegent. My only concern is that it is a hand held bag. I have never had a hand held bag before and I am more use to shoulder bags.

    Should I return the trevi for the duomo? I can't decide since I love both bags.
  2. If you are used to shoulder bags it will be a difficult transition. Try the saleya. It comes in 3 sizes.
  3. Personally, I would keep the Trevi :heart:
  4. No! The Trevi is gorgeous! But if you are not completely happy with it, it would be better to find something perfect.
  5. IMO keep Trevi!
  6. I would keep the trevi
  7. IMO the Duomo looks waaaay better than the Trevi. I say Duomo!
  8. The Trevis is more versatile as you can wear it both on the hand and shoulder.....hard decision...good luck !!
  9. I use to like the Duomo of all the Damier bags, but that all ended when they introduced the Trevi. I'd personally keep the Trevi-it's way nicer than the Duomo and it's more versatile (shoulder bag and handheld). Good luck with your decision!! :smile:
  10. I would keep the Trevi...
  11. I agree with everyone else, I like the Trevi better! But if YOU dont love it then it doesnt matter what we think, do what you want! If you dont think you will use the Trevi then take it back!
  12. Keep the trevi! You can wear it in so many different ways.
  13. i :heart: trevi . . .
  14. LOL I want the Trevi so bad...throw it my way!!!
  15. keep the Trevi, love that bag