Should I return my skinny mini

  1. I bought a scribble mini skinny at the Coach boutique. I finally got around to taking it out of the bag this weekend and noticed that the lozenge has some tiny scratches on it. Probably no one else would ever notice, but I am a nut when it comes to details. I don't have any other Coach items that have a lozenge on it - do these lozenges scratch easily? Should I return it? I just don't think anything I buy at the boutique should have scratches on it; but I'm not sure if I want to go to the trouble to return it (30 minutes away) if it's going to end up getting scratched during regular use anyway. What do you all think?
  2. I haven't noticed my metal hang tags getting scratched up at all. I have them on my Ali's and my Shoulder Bag's and they're scratch free. I'm ultra picky, so if it was me I'd take it back and just ask to exchange it. ;) I guess it depends on if that is something that will always bug you. If it is, then it may be worth the trip to exchange it. Good luck! :yes:
  3. Mini skinnies have lozenges???
  4. Some do, like this one:


    But I think shellyb17 is talking about the one on the side of this skinny:


    But again, if it was me (I'm totally anal about this stuff though) I'd exchange it. ;) I'm *so* ultra picky though.
  5. Yep, that's the one I bought. It's been over a week since I bought it - do you think they will give me any trouble if I try to return it? I have a receipt, but I can just see them saying "ma'am, are you sure you didn't scratch this yourself?"
  6. where's the lozenge???
  7. I don't think they'd give you any trouble about exchanging it. It shouldn't be a problem. ;)
  8. Cool...I think i'll go return it then. Thanks for the advice!
  9. I have a similar lozenge on the bag I carried all last summer. I still looks bright and shiny!
  10. exchange it =)
  11. I'm attaching a picture with an arrow pointing out the lozenge. ;)

    Anytime! Glad to help. ;)
  12. Good luck with getting a new one!