Should I return my PST and save up for luxe flap?

  1. I am still a newbie to Chanel, but I have got 2 chanel in the past month, one black caviar flap and black GST. I used my GST for work and want to get a bag for weekend...

    I have a beige PST that I planned to return as I got the GST. Among other "casual" bags, I like the luxe flap in metallic black. The only problem is that it is over my budget...Should I return the PST and save up for the luxe? Will it still be available in 6 months?

    Another option is to keep the PST and it will make a great bag for weekend PST a better investment in the long run? (more classic)

    I need some help....
  2. I'd say return and save up.. But if you're looking forward in collecting them all, I'd say keep it!
  3. I would return the PST as well and get the luxe flap. The luxe flap is gorgeous in black and khaki! Plus, you already have the GST and I love bigger bags!
  4. Save up and get the luxe flap!!!!
  5. I would save up for the luxe flap. My gf has it and it's really an amazing bag!
  6. I your heart set on the luxe flap, you should save up for one. Since you have a GST already, you should return the PST. The luxe flap would be a great addition.
  7. I'd go for the luxe flap...
  8. Bump! What do you ladies think?

    With the price hike (again), if I return my PST now, I probably will not get it later... will I regret? Is PST more classic than the luxe flap?

  9. I have to agree-- lux flap!
  10. I am going to give a different opinion. Keep the PST, cause there will be times you wish you had it. It is a bird in the hand, so to speak. Then save for the luxe.
  11. I say get the luxe, I think its such a great bag!
  12. The luxe flap for sure! It's gorgeous and a stand-out bag. :smile:

    Chanel will keep making the PST and you'll still get the chance to purchase one in the future.