Should I return my mini pochette for the eva?

  1. Since I purchased my Mini Pochette two weeks ago, I have only used it once for holding my camera and phone inside my purse - and that's it. Meanwhile I want to purchase another a cross body bag (not LV). Would it be wiser if I just return my Mini and get the Eva instead?
  2. I would not since you used the bag already. The SAs will inspect your bag and any signs of use, they won't take it back.
  3. I wouldn't return it since it's a used bag.
  4. Even though you only used it once, it's still used. I wouldn't take it back. I don't really understand why everyone even wonders this? IMHO, if it's used, it's used. It wouldn't be right to return it.
  5. yeah i don't know why people are always asking if they should return their used items. the answer is a NO! If you've used it, you already made up your mind to keep it!
  6. I don't think you should return it. You've used it. Returning a used item because of a defect is one thing...but not for buyer's remorse.