should I return my matte gold flap?

  1. I have a matte gold flap that I have not used and feel it to be too small for my needs. I like the size of the reissue 226 which is the perfect size for me. The matte gold flap is smaller then that. Do you guys think I should take it back to Neimans and get the black jumbo flap with new mm lock bag?

    for reference, heres a picture of clk55girl's matte gold flap.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. i think this is so nice! however if you really prefer a bigger one, then u can exchange for something u will really use.

    but to me its such a pity.. i think this is so beautiful!
  3. This bag is beautiful, it will be perfect for dinner and night out if it's smaller than a 226. But if you do not need it for for that purpose, you should return it when it's still new....
  4. This bag is a jewel!IMO you shouldn't return it!You can always get a black one but not this!;)
  5. please dooooo not return it! i think its GORGEOUS, so stunning!!!!!! i absolutely lovelovelove it, if i had that i'd not let it go :yes:
  6. it's a reaaaaaly gorgeous bag. but if you don't think you will use this bag at all, then you should definitely return it for something else that you will use a lot more. perhaps you can get the light gold 226 (are they still available??).

    i don't know how hard it is to get this bag, so that should be weighed into your decision-making. wouldn't want you to regret returning this one!
  7. I have to say like the others. Return it for something you will use more. But the bag is extra ordinary stunning and I don't even like gold :smile:
  8. I love this bag its pretty and its hard to comeby. Well you can keep this and buy another chanel.
  9. This bag requires high maintenance to keep that beautiful look. Keep it if you can afford but get the one you will use the most.
  10. It's really a nice bag but if you feel you will not use it as often, I would get another bag. Unless u just wanna 'collect' it... ;)
  11. I have this bag and love it!! :heart: That being said, I've used it for a party, a dinner, etc., and I generally don't carry around tons of stuff, so the medium classic flap size is ideal for me (and my favorite)! The black jumbo with the MM lock is a totally different bag, KWIM, but if you feel as if you will use it much more, and would prefer to have a bigger black bag, then get it instead. :smile: Good luck with your decision! :tup:
  12. IMO, if you have doubts, then don't keep it.
  13. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Dont return it.Its a callsic and sooo stunning.
  14. I would rather have your gold one than the black. It's so beautiful.
  15. classic & gorgeous!