Should I return my Kooba for a LV speedy?

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  1. I just got a cognac Sienna bag last week. It's okay I guess - but I haven't used it yet. I've always liked the LV classic monogram Speedy 30. I was thinking of returning my Kooba for the LV? What do you think?

    edit to add: the speedy isn't that much more than the Kooba - that's what got my wheels turning...
  2. Return it! I recently bought a Speedy 30 and I love it!!! :love:
  3. I can't carry a Speedy, it doesn't fit on my shoulder. So between the 2, I'd pick a Kooba Sienna.
  4. Yes! Definitely! A kooba is trendy, but a speedy is forever!:biggrin:
  5. If the option to wear the bag on your shoulder is not something you are concerned with, I say go with the Speedy. In a few years you'll still be using your Speedy, but the Sienna will most likely be sitting in its sleeper bag at the bottom of your closet.
  6. It doesn't sound like you're in love with the Kooba. If it's just 'ok' to you, I say get the Speedy! It's a classic!
  7. I prefer shoulder bags.. er.. but then again I love Balenciagas, lol! But I guess if you're wanting a shoulder one, keep the Sienna. If you don't mind either way, get the Speedy instead. It has more lasting appeal. The Sienna is really nice tho esp that cognac colour you have, so whichever you decide, it'll be a good decision. Know what I mean??
  8. I don't like the Speedy cos the bottom sags. I'll stick with the Kooba.
  9. I think return it. Speedy is such a classic, you'll probably get much more use of out it.
  10. The Speedy is an enduring classic. If you're concerned about being able to carry it on your shoulder, LV sells a detachable shoulder strap you can use with it. I have one for mine for those days I am shopping and need to have my hands free from time to time. Some people think it's dorky but I don't care! lol
  11. ^^How much was the strap? (if you don't mind me asking...)
  12. I think the Speedy is an all-time classic. And in monogram, it's so lightweight. Get the 30 and maybe a strap, too!
  13. speedy speedy speedy!!!
  14. I'm worried that the Kooba is so trendy - I won't be able to carry it by the fall! (am I crazy?)
  15. Yikes. I've had my Speedy for several years now and I don't recall the price of the strap. Sorry! I just recall that I thought it was extremely reasonable. At the time at least, they were common to have in stock. It was the SA who told me about them. It was definitely worth whatever I paid.