Should I return my inclusion bracelet????

  1. HI everyone, just last thursday i purchased my first ever LV item, a inclusion bracelet, the transparent one. I was sooo excited, the last one in the boutique etc.:yahoo:
    Now im having second thoughts; im thinking i should return it. My Ma said it looks cheap cheap cheap "and whats happened to your taste darling?"
    i am thinking i should return it and get a lil bag instead?
    i think i will feel like a bit cheap returning a item which was £125, as well im only 19 and look about 15 and i think the SA's will look down on me,:sad: but i really dont think I will wear it that much?:crybaby:
    I dont know what to do!??
    PLease help!:shrugs:
  2. If you don't love the Inclusion anymore and having second thoughts. Return it and buy a bag you will really love and enjoy. Good luck!
  3. If you want to return it, return it or exchange for something else. If you have to put that much thought into wearing, it may be best you find something you don't have to think about so much.
  4. I have this bracelet, it's cute...well if you think you won't wear it that much, may be you should exchange it with something else.
  5. who care's what the SA's think? It's your money, you earn it, you should be able to do with it what you want. If you don't like the bracelet, take it back.
  6. If you're having second thoughts and want to return it, don't feel bad! Don't worry about what the SA will's your money and your decision. At the end of the day you've got to do what's best for YOU...not mom, not he LV SA. Good luck! :smile:
  7. Walk into the store with confidence! But, hopefully, you're returning the bracelet within the return policy period. I have this same bracelet and I love it and have received many compliments on it. I think it's beautiful!
  8. I have this bracelet and love it! However, if you could get more use out of something else then I would go for that instead!
  9. you should return it if you are having second taughts about it...
    I think the bracelet is cute and nice but if you don't like it anymore just return it!
  10. If you won't wear it return it. Apply the credit to something you will love. Don't let others influence you. If you love it wear it in good health!
  11. i have it and i love it, but if you think it looks cheap and you have second thoughts/don't like it anymore you should exchange it for something you like better.
  12. I love this bracelet and have gotten several compliments on it, just wearing it once. But if you're not happy with it then return it. But don't let someone else push you into doing so.

    Wear what makes you happy.
  13. The bracelet is cute, but if you don't love it, then definitely return it. Get something you will love to will feel so much better. Good luck!
  14. if you dont like the bracelet anymore then return it. the inclusion stuff isn't for everyone and as for the SA'S looking down on you for returning it remember that they are in customer service they are their to make sure you are completely satisfied so if you are not you should not feel ashamed. i'm an impulse buyer so i return alot of things and the SA's use to give me a funny look and take the items to the back to really inspect it as if i buy things and return knock offs. it was the funniest thing ever but they have gotten used to it. just last week i returned a charm and ten minutes later changed my mind and i bought it back. its your money so spend it wisely
  15. thanks everyone! im just really undecided on this! i do think its pretty but no one else does and its made me a bit paranoid! im just scared if i do return it i will regret it foreva and then wont be able to get another one.
    to be honest no one has given me a compliment :crybaby: and i think thats another reason why im having a hard time what to do!