Should I return my BV?

  1. First-time LV buyer here. I'm thinking of exchanging my BV for a viva cite, which I tried on in store and liked very much. The only reason I got the BV because it was more bang for the buck and practical. My husband also commented on how the BV looked like a paper sack and that pissed me off a little. What should I do??
  2. I like the BV on you!!! Your DH is not carrying the purse, but you are so if you like it, keep it!!! (I have the BH and love it!) Congrats on first LV!! (It won't be your last!!!)
  3. I think you should keep it, it actually looks very good on you - right shape, size etc. What do men know about bags?? Trust your own judgement :smile:
  4. Well it's really up to you. If you like it, keep it, if not, then take it back. Don't let your husband's comments dissuade you from carrying something you love..if you really do love it, that is.
  5. I do like it very much, but I don't love it. I actually do prefer the cite but got the BV instead because it was more practical. Now I'm struggling to find stuff to put in my bag as I got used to carrying slightly smaller bags. On the other hand, I wonder how much use I'll get from the viva cite since it's so small.
  6. Maybe you can get the Vive Cite GM? I have this one and love holds just the right amount of things. Plus, it only has one shoulder strap, which I love:
  7. I think it looks ab fab on you!
  8. the bv looks gorgeous on you! why did he say it looks like a paper sack, because it folds on the sides? i think it gives the bag character! in my opinion, it looks awesome on you. if YOU like it, keep it. don't worry about your husband's comments. like rebecca said, HE's not wearing it!
  9. i think you should keep it... looks great on you!
  10. I prefer the BV!
  11. your bv looks great!
  12. keep it! looks good on you. that bag is very versatile. you can easily match it with any outfit ! goddluck!
  13. I think the bag looks great on you. If you're happy with it keep it! Regardless of what your hubby says you're the one that has to carry it. My b/f has told me he dislikes so many bags and i buy them anyway, then he comes to the evil side and ends up liking the bag. Either way i dont care because he doesnt use it.

    I say keep it!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  14. i have the bv and my dh says the same thing! LOL...I still like it though
  15. If you're second guessing yourself, there is no question. Return it for the bag YOU want. Don't worry about your husband. He's not the one carrying it.