should i return it?

  1. i just got an email back from the seller i got my red epi business card holder from. she said because of the sticky pocket i can return it and get all my money back. i haven;t asked about shipping both ways. should i return it and get the chanel one i want or keep it because it was a good deal? i have credit at Saks and a gc so i can get the chanel one for under 100. what would you do?
  2. get the Chanel one, you'll never be fully happy with it, and I've found over the years most things like this that I get "good deals" on are never my favorites......
  3. true. good point. the only thing i worry about with the chanel is that it's open on both sides- like a piece of the cards are visible. but the lv is enclosed. i have to go to chanel at Saks today anyway so maybe i'll check it out again when i'm there.
  4. Hmmm, I'm not 100% sure what you mean by open on both sides, are there slots on both sides to put the cards in? What is your concern about that? Are you using for Credit Cards or Business Cards?
  5. business cards. the lv has a flap and closes completely. the chanel is thin and has slots on both sides for the cards and you just slide them in and out. kwim? i'm just worried they'll get bent or the edges will get yucky in my bag...
  6. did you try to clean the epi one? if you can't get it clean, it will bother you and i say return it.
    as much as the chanel one sounds lovely, it's not as practical if it's open. check there for one that is similar in design to the LV one, maybe?
  7. i don't think there are. the chanel one if soooo cute though. sigh.
  8. drats! too bad...see what you think when you go to chanel again today..if you have to have it, you'll make it work and return the epi one...
  9. Get the one you're going to enjoy the most. Good luck!
  10. i think you should get the one you'll be happy with!! if the LV one was a good deal but you're not pleased, you probably won't use it as much and will end up getting the chanel one later..and you don't need two!
  11. I would return something with a sticky pocket, absolutely. I'm not a chanel person but if you are feeling it then you should get it, but beware, you may end up getting a chanel addiction!
  12. I would return it....If it was with me I could never get over the sticky pocket. Even if it was a great deal, I would always think about it and never be able to fully enjoy the purchasE! Good Luck :smile: