Should I return it?

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  1. Hello, everyone. I am so happy to get this PM. However, I just realize that the part of the glazing seems incomplete. This is new bag. I have not even have any chance to take it out. The manager told me it is ok as it is normal to be incomplete. He does not think it is quality issue. However, this worries me. Should I just return it and get refund? Then wait on the waiting list again?

    Please tell you what you think about this issue.

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  2. My husband thinks it is ok. I just look at it too closely. I am not sure. This is the first time For me to buy an LV
  3. It would personally bother me. When I'm dropping that type of money on a purse I expect it to be complete, not 99%-ignore the glazing complete.
  4. Why pay 100% price for 99% craftsmanship? This would bothers me.
  5. It may not be a quality issue per se but it's still incomplete craftsmanship. I think it would keep on bothering you regardless of what the SA said so I think you should return it.
  6. return it, this definitely decreases its resale value ( should you ever decide to sell it) ;)
  7. I may be not resell it. But I worry it will peel a lot worse than this. I really like the design of this bag.
  8. You understand my feeling so well. I think I will return it and wait for the other one again.
  9. That is good explanation of my worries. It is the first time I am dealing with online store. I feel frustrated
  10. Unfortunately that's the risk of buying online because you can't examine the item closely before purchase. I hope your next purchase will be perfect though. Good luck.

  11. I would return it only because I had a perfect one when I bought it and the glazing started to peel from the friction of the strap clip so had to get it repaired. Better to have no issues from the beginning because you still might have issues later with the glazing down the line since it is a known issue!
  12. Yes - as the others said i would return or exchange
  13. Thank u very much for all the help. I will post it back and they told me that they can not exchange to be the same item if it is not the quality issue after the assessment. I can ask for refund as it is still within 30 days. Then I need to wait again.
  14. I think it is fine to keep
  15. Return it
    Get one that really makes you happy