Should I return it?

  1. Ladies, I bought the small tote bag in black with the new silver chain (no leather). Price was $2225 at NM. It's the one that has lather piping on the side and top. A TPFr wrote that the chain can become tangled. I went to my closet and brought out the bag to look at the chain, and when I was about to put it on my shoulder, the chain tangled at one end! :crybaby: Have any of you ladies who have this bag encountered this problem? I would hate to be untangling instead of enjoying the bag. Thanks for any advice on this!
  2. Are you talking about the Bijoux chain?
  3. I don't know the name of the chain, but it is new, I had never seen it until two/three months ago...
  4. My "new chain" has never gotten kinked up but my reissue chain does kink up occasionally. That never stopped me from getting more though. I just unkink it.
  5. It's a beautiful bag, and I say, if you love it, keep it!
  6. I say keep it it's a lovely bag!
  7. It's very common for the chain to have 'knots'.... guess most of us are used to "unknotting' them...
  8. Keep it! Its a beautiful bag.
  9. I hope you post a pic of the bag! The piping on the side and top that you described has me curious.
  10. Well, I am still thinking about it - thanks so much for the input!! I will try to post a picture...