Should I return it?

  1. Argh! I bought a Burberry purse that was in "excellent, just like new, no signs of wear" condition. From the pictures, it confirmed that. But the seller packed it with those air bags on the outside and it creased the bags in several places. I put the air bags on the inside to puff out the purse but it looks like the crease is there to stay. $750 purse. Some people just don't baby their purses. :sad:

    I'll try to post pics of it tomorrow. If anyone has suggestions or experience with creases on Burberry purses, please let me know. Thank you.
  2. bad luck !!!
  3. lets see pics, if it really bothers you then I would return. Seller should package the bag correctly, so you get what you actually paid for. which is a bag in excellent condition with no creases.