Should I return it or keep it? Help!

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  1. Ok... I really am loathe to do this, but I discovered yesterday (thanks to this forum) that my paddington was missing a serial number!

    I called my SA at NM and they said that they would take it back and give me a full refund, but here's the thing... I really like this bag! Everything else on it is absolutely perfect! I asked them if they could do a search in their warehouse to see if they could replace it, but nope, all gone.

    What would you do? Would you pay the $1500 and overlook this minor detail? or would you send it back and go without the bag? I dislike paying all that money for a faulty bag, for that much, I would think quality control would ensure nothing less of perfection, but there's no more. :cry: :cry: :cry:
  2. Perfection for the price is usually a must for me! If the serial # isn't important to you then keep it but if the store is expecting more then my advice is to return it and go on the waiting list.
  3. Ok... I talked to the SA again about returning the bag in exchange. Apparently, since it is backordered, I would be at the end of the waiting list and that there are about 50 people ahead of me and it would be unlikely for all the orders to be fulfilled...

    Ugh... now I really don't know what to do.
  4. yeah if you totally love your new bag and the serial number is bothering you - since its missing, i would go on the waiting list... i know its probably gonna drive you up the wall, but i say... feel free to vent and let us know how you feel! we can all help while you wait! :smile:
  5. What color is your bag? I have the Whiskey on order (to be delivered 2/22/06) but since I bought the Choco one yesterday (my first choice anyway) I am going to cancel the Whiskey. It may appear on the website again once I cancel it today...
  6. It's a whiskey, but even if I order it again, I'll be at the back of the line since it looks like they oversold the pre-order (not sure that they could do that).

    My current bag is in absolute perfect condition, no miscellaneous scratches and it has the perfect slump. I even bought the shoes! ARGGH!!! It makes me want to scream!

    I may have to go down there and see if there is something else that suits my fancy. Maybe there will be a whiskey Edith with my name on it. (Yeah right!)
  7. If me, I would return back the bag and wait again. The serial number missing, how can that happen for such a perfect bag...
    1500 bag, it has to be perfect, and all paddy should have it. That is just my opinion. Of course u can keep it too, but im sure it will annoys u from that problem.
    If your name under waiting list again, how long more u should wait??
  8. Can they take it back to "fix" it? like attaching the serial number tag on to the bag? It seems like they can somehow fix this overlook on their end.
  9. Your name should go to the top of the waiting list and you should be able to carry yours until the new one is ready to ship. Other wise ask for a discount. It isn't important unless you go to sell it in the future and there is no serial number. Even I would be suspect. They are thinking of their commission instead of customer service. Ask to speak to the manager and calmly demand to be first on the waiting list for a replacement. I'm sure the manager will see it your way. I am wating for my wisky from LVR and I can't wait. I carry the chocolate which I love but it will soon be time to move out of the dark and into the light.
  10. In my opinion, you pay $1500.00 for a bag only when it's an investment type situation. Without the serial number you really don't have a true investment - you might as well buy a fake bag because that's all you could ever sell it for. You deserve a perfect bag at that price-something to pass down to your children.

    You know, I also think the store should back you up as their client. You should go to the top of the waiting list if they sold you a defective product! They should be embarrased and doing everything in their power to right this wrong! Their reps should be on the phone with Chloe demanding to know how this could have happened to one of their precious customers. This should never have happened and YOU certainly shouldn't have to pay the consequences. Stand up for yourself and show 'em who's boss.:evil:
  11. I would speak to the manager too there should be no reason to be placed at the bottom of the list.
  12. For as large of an investment you're making in that bag--I'd want perfection too. I don't know where you live... But I know that Nordstrom carries the Paddy in Whiskey. I might have seen one at the store near me, their number is 619.295.4441. Or you can call the store in La Jolla, the Chloe rep will be out there on February 13 from 10 am to 2 pm PST to answer questions and take pre-orders... You might be able to place an order with them and not be stuck at the back of the line like the other store you're dealing with... The number for that store is 858.457.4575. You could probably even call them now and find out what their current inventory is for the Whiskey. Good luck!
  13. Everyone, Thanks so much! You're so right, for $1500, I shouldn't have to settle! I feel so pumped right now and ready to lay down some whoop-ass!

    Wicked: I just gave them a call. They don't know whether they have it in stock or not, since they didn't open the boxes yet, but they are supposed to call me later today. Since I live in San Diego, it's just a quick drive over there, plus I'm supposed to be in LaJolla tomorrow too! Hopefully, they have it. I will keep my fingers crossed.

    I may even try to make it to their Chloe event too, but I need another bag just like I need a hole in the head. Maybe I should make sure I don't go to their Chloe event! :amuse:
  14. Ok... I know that I am double-posting but... Wicked!!! They said that they had one and will pull it aside for me. If I can pick it up tomorrow, I could walk away with it!

    How exciting is that!!!! This is so much better than what NM did, so you know what... I think I'll go with Nordstroms from now on!

    Thanks so much, Ladies! I am happy again!:love: :love: :love:

  15. where is the serial number located? it never occured to me to check for this