should i return a wristlet?

  1. ok i know this is a stupid-ish question, but i bought my sister a denim patchwork wristlet. well now shes being an a$$ and wants to "skip" chrsitmas (it would have been her christmas gift). i dont really care for the patchwork i dont know what to do...return it? try to sell on ebay?? keep it and just give it to her anyhow? (keep in mind she's "ignoring" her whole family right now: dramaqueen!). it was $98.....what to do...what to do...

    thanks for any opinions, advice you ladies have :smile:
  2. might as well return it.
  3. Well i would return it because if you sell it on ebay, you may have to sell it for a lesser value.
  4. Maybe when xmas time comes around, she'll change her mind about exchanging gifts. Or maybe you can give it to someone else for xmas.
  5. ^^I was thinking you could give the wristlet to someone else for Christmas, too. But if that doesn't work out, I'd just return it.
  6. yeah if the whole xmas thing doesn't work out...return it. You will not get full value of it on ebay.
  7. ok, so no ebay....gotcha. And i could give it to someone else for xmas...but no one i know carries anything but a regular, walmart type bag ( no offense to anyone :smile: )
    so i guess i'll return it....who knows maybe i'll just put it towards a shoulder tote i've been wanting so long.
    thank you
  8. i'd go ahead and return it. when christmas comes, you can always buy something different for her (if she comes around)
  9. I would say that if you know your sister would LOVE it, keep it and she might change her mind....4 more months until christmas. Or you could give it to her for her next birthday or major celebration. If it was just kind of a "she might like it" type gift, return it and you can always get her something else later.
  10. Return it