Should I restore this bag? Is it worth $235?

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  1. Hi,

    I just bought this kinda dirty doctor frame bag and found a place to restore and clean designer bags - in Asia.

    To purchase, ship to me and clean/restore it will cost $235 in total.
    Do you think it is worth it?

    I saw a similar bag (dirty too and selling for $299) and it says somewhere it was purchased for $1170.
    Authentic Prada Beige Ivory Tessuto Satchel - eBay (item 220453364101 end time Aug-15-09 22:49:49 PDT)
    Another bag but black (really like this though), said it was purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue for $1675.00 not including tax
    Auth Prada Navy & Leather Handbag BR3684 Brand New - eBay (item 280363270810 end time Jul-05-09 11:24:11 PDT)

    So do you think restoring it and cleaning this baby for $235 total is worth it? I am not crazy about this bag (because of the color) but it's ok and I am kinda into frame doctor bags now. Let me know you ladies think? By the way the bidding price won was for $153.40 and shipping to me is $40 plus $42 to restore it.
  2. I can only see a single pix of the white tote, so hard to tell. The original retail of those totes was not 1170.

    I don't think you posted the bag you purchased, unless I'm reading your post wrong, did you purchase listing 220453364101?
  3. X for the cracks on the handle, that should be easy for someone to clean up. Either send it to Prada and have them do it or even a reputable cleaner and cobbler could recommend products for you to use.

    Let us know, post pix when you get your beauty back to its old glory!

    I don't remember these being 1170 but don't quote me on that.
  4. Ok. Thanks Longchamp. I should be getting the bag next week and will send it to the shop - which is in the city where I live.

    I also bought a de jour chenille material and may give it a clean up too. Longchamp, do you know if they make de jour in chenille material? I've never seen it until recently on ebay and bought one. I then did a google and saw that did carry it once. Are you familiar? Do you know if it is heavy as it does seem like a carpet bag right? Thanks.
  5. Hi sherryloh--on the De Jour chenille-- are you referring to the Fendi bag of that material? I've never held the bag, but would imagine not that heavy. And they should be able to do a good job of cleaning that also.

    I checked out think they'll do a great job on your bag from the information on their site. Loved their pix about the odor :smile:.

    Also loved this quote---Ink Marks - Although designer bags would indeed make good surfaces to jot things down on paper, it is highly recommended that another surface be found. Keep the pen caps on;

    I'm curious as to the condition of the inside of your bag :sad:. Please post pix before and after, would love to see.
  6. Oops Longchamp, I have been back and forth in the Prada and Fendi forum that I kinda got confuse and asked about the Fendi De Jour. Sure will take pics of the before and after of the bag and post it. The bagspa shop looks good and pro. I am lucky to have found them as it is impossible to find something like that in my city usually. Seem very reasonably priced as well. - about $42 for a total clean up.