should i resell or return my new coach???

  1. i had a girlie on another thread tell me that her bag w/vachetta trim is horribly hard to keep clean! thats what my new one is trimmed with. i dont want a pain in the ass bag to deal with. should i get rid of it??
  2. what's the bag?
    i have the vachetta large ergo tote and I love it!! it's been super easy to care for and i love the great patina that has developed over use.
  3. Vachetta can be high maintenance. It gets spotted very easily and is nearly impossible to clean. Have you already worn it? If you decide you don't want it and you've worn it, eBay it. If you haven't worn it yet you can return it.
  4. ^^ also wondering which bag it is.. and how much you love it. If you haven't used it you will probably be better off returning/trading it unless it is a hard to find item for resale. :yes:
  5. Are you sure it's authentic? I was looking at the pictures and teh one at the very bottom has only 4 lines of C's and teh other pictures have 5 lines going down the front?

    Know what I mean?

    It just looks fishy.
  6. my demi has that trim and now its honey brown.. i dont care for the color much since my demi is silver and mint.. looks odd to me..

    i think a honey brown on khaki will look nice.. yes its true if you stain the bottom it will show.. just watch where you put it..
  7. well hell now im scared!!! it best not be. ill check again when it gets here. &*$%:push:

    ***how many should it have?***
  8. I didn't mean to like "call it out" but it was just something that looked weird to me... Plus they are new and you were there first feedback. So you never know. I hope it's not but def. post it in teh Authenticate This thread when you get it just to be sure.

    You probably should have waited to give them feedback until you actually got the bag? Just a good thing to do because if it does turn out to be fake you can file a claim without it seeming like "oh she kleft me feedback already so everything is fine."

    IDK that's just me.


    I;m sooo confused?

    You left feedback and said it was a fast delivery but you said above you haven't gotten it yet?
  9. fishy eBay postings.. all the pictures are taken with different backgrounds.. like they arent even the owners pictures.. bag looks okay though
  10. yes it has been delivered but its not with me. im at work and its at home sitting on the spare bed in the guest room. i havent used it yet and im now leary about even keeping it.
    i was a little confusing im sorry. long day
  11. Oh ok I get it. I didn't know. LOL

    Well check it out when you get home. I'm not famililar with this style and can't see the number on the creed so it's hard to know for me what it's supposed to be.

    But post pics when you get home!
  12. just breathe! when you get home take a look at it and take pictures for us to see. im sure its auth =)
  13. will do thank you very much!
  14. You have to let vachetta do it's thing! LV bags are trimmed with vachetta.

    Either post a pic of the leather serial patch, or call Coach and ask if they can identify the serial number.